How can I recover deleted search history in Google Chrome?

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Browsing history can be useful for accessing an important page that we have forgotten and for accessing your information again; However, it is also very common delete history so other people won't be able to see the web pages to which accessed recently.

If you're going to use a shared computer, it will always be a good idea to delete your history so other people don't see your searches, but what if you delete your history and then want to go back to a previously visited website but don't remember what it's called ?

Is it possible to retrieve the browsing history? While it may seem impossible at first glance, there are alternatives to retrieve Google browsing history using the Windows operating system, some additional tools, and even our Google account.

Don't worry if you don't understand much, because in the following article we will explain to you how you can recover deleted search history on google step by step.

    Check the history on another mobile device with your Google account

    For better or for worse, it is not possible to recover deleted browsing history, but it can be verified on another device in case it has the same Google account connected, so if you have a smartphone with a Google account started you will be able to see the activity carried out on the computer.

    If you've cleared your history on a computer, you can go to and check your searches from that page. In case you have cleared that history as well, you can review your queries and web browsing from another device that the same account is linked to Google .

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    Hidden DNS

    All the information of the websites we visit is stored in the DNS cache, and among these we can find the browsing history. To retrieve all this information we will have to access CMD or command prompt and type the following command: ipconfig / displaydns.

    After writing the command and running the search, we will be able to see all the history saved in the DNS cache However, it should be noted that only the web address of the main page will be displayed and not the different pages or entries that it could have.

    Another aspect to take into consideration is that if we shut down or restart the computer, this history will be automatically deleted by Windows, so it may not be an effective method if you want to recover very old information.

    Google history

    This method can be used if you have an account Google active and you use Google Chrome as your default browser to do your internet searches. With Google History we can access a browsing history retrieval and consultation service.

    This service is not very well known, and therefore it is little used but it is quite useful since it saves every page we visit, it saves every record even if we visit the same page and also stores all the navigation information carried on all the devices connected to the One account.

    This can be useful for reviewing the history of your children, or even your partner; however, it can also be used to retrieve the visited pages that we had forgotten.

    To use this service we will have to go to Google History and log in with our Google account and later we can access a calendar where we can retrieve the browsing information for the day we want. Most importantly, it doesn't matter that your browsing history has been cleared, we will still have access to the information.

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    Above all, we can configure this service to save web pages as favorites. So that we can have the information of websites at hand, even after clearing the browsing history in Google Chrome.

    Other tools

    There are a number of tools developed by third parties that allow us to recover deleted information. A good alternative is Recuva , not only for the ease of retrieving the history, but we can also recover information from the hard drive. The only thing we need is the path, which in the case of Google Chrome is: C: UsersUserAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultLocal Storage.

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