How can I recover my Netflix account or password if it has been stolen?

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Il your Netflix account or your password are static stolen and you want to get them back ? Next, we will tell you how to do it in different ways step by step so that you do not have any inconvenience in the process.

Having someone steal your account or change your Netflix account password is much more common than you might think. Whenever there are applications with a payment service, there are usually black markets that sell access to these accounts.

How can I recover my Netflix account or password if it has been stolen?

Theft of your Netflix account also occurs when you log in on multiple devices, so be sure to remove any devices linked to your account.

In the streaming platforms of Netflix and Spotify it is where it happens most frequently, many people have also been forced to close their accounts, because not only the their data were static compromise , but they have completely lost access, because their emails have changed and their passwords.

This is because both platforms still need to improve their data privacy policy a lot.

Well, when you decide to edit an email, they do not send you any links or verification to make sure that they were really the person who requested this change and not a third party without permission.

How do they hack our Netflix account?

There are many ways that people with malicious intent can get our account login details. The most common is that they do it through phishing. If you want you can check and know who is using your Netflix account.

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Hackers create fake accounts on this platform, very similar, and we users give them the password without even realizing it.

Usually they send you emails pretending to be Netflix in which ask us to change some of the information in our account or to update it. Surely you will have to complete some fields and enter your password to save the changes.

In this way, when you write it and send it, you get our password and our email. Now they just have to change it or use it to continue maintaining access to the account that was just stolen from you.

That is why it is essential that you only use the means offered by the official web site to make any changes to your account, no matter how minimal or insignificant it may seem, do not accept the help of third parties and strangers.

What should I do if my Netflix account has been stolen?

If you notice that someone has logged into your account and viewed your content, but has not changed the access data, you just have to enter the Netflix site, log in, close all devices or computers where the account is open and change the password.

With this we will eliminate any intruders that have crept into us. We advise you to change your email address and to perform two-step verification with your personal phone number to avoid losing full access to your account.

By adding your phone number you can turn on two-step verification. It works as follows:

Whenever someone tries to log into your Netflix account, you will receive an SMS text message with a numeric code. You must enter it on the platform to be able to log in.

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This way you can confirm who to give and who not to access your account.

On the contrary, if it is already too late e you can't log into your profile, contact Netflix support. Always remember to do it from the official page: or send an email to [email protected]

There you have to explain your situation and tell them that they have breached your data, that you no longer have access. They will send you an email with the instructions you need to follow to recover your account.

We hope you enjoy this article on how to recover my Netflix account or password if i was stolen from you was helpful. Remember that you should only contact official support, do not accept help from third parties or strangers.

If you want to share your Netflix account without risking losing it, let us tell you there is a way to share your account without having to provide your password.

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