How can I rotate, rotate or flip the screen on a Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 PC?

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When using our PC, it is possible that when we press a key or simply click somewhere by mistake, the screen flips or rotates in another direction .

But although many people believe that it is a serious mistake, in reality the solution for this type of situation is extremely simple, with the simple pressing some buttons or solving it from the PC control panel the problem would be solved and we can continue to work on what we were doing.

And to remedy this problem either on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC, the procedure is different because the commands and settings change, this depends on the type of Windows we have, we can fix it, and also with various programs that we will go to see later, and for that, here we show you how to do it easily.

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  1. Why was my screen turned completely to the side?
  2. Tricks to rotate my screen in Windows
    1. In Windows XP
    2. On Windows 7, 8 and 10
  3. Rotate the screen according to your graphic
    1. Su computer with Intel Graphics
    2. Your computer with NVIDIA Graphics
    3. On laptops with AMD graphics
  4. How to straighten the screen on my Mac PC
  5. Shortcut keys to rotate the screen

Why was my screen turned completely to the side?

You're using your PC to work, check the news, or play games for a while when suddenly the screen orientation changes position, alarms you and you may think it happened on its own, but you actually did it yourself. You may be wondering. Normally this happens when certain keys are pressed at the same time and we can solve it the same way.

Tricks to rotate my screen in Windows

It should be noted that there are various methods to eradicate this minor inconvenience which is very common in different users around the world, although many people prefer to do it the traditional way, we can perform the same function with other elements.

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The most convenient and fastest thing would be to enter 'change screen configuration' or it can also be done through key combinations, even if it does not always work, this it will depend on the type of software and hardware the PC contains we are using at the time of the problem, similarly we can easily upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, to perform the function.

In Windows XP

To change the orientation on the screen of our computer using Windows XP we only have to press the keys' Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys or arrows', for example, if we want to rotate our screen to the left we press the keys in that order ' Ctrl + Alt + left arrow ' .

If this trick doesn't work, keep calm and go to the control panel , click on "Screen" and in the "Settings" tab go to the advanced options and there you will finally find the "Orientation" option where you can choose which direction to rotate the screen.

On Windows 7, 8 and 10

If we have installed Windows 10 on our PC, what we have to do is click with the `` right button '' of the mouse, in an empty part of the desktop, and immediately a branch of options will be decomposed, and we choose the option that indicates 'screen configuration' , then we choose the position we want, 'vertical' or 'horizontal', within the 'orientation' menu that will be displayed.

But if we are using Windows 7 or 8 on our PC, what we have to do quickly is to click, with the 'right button' of the mouse on a part of the desktop, to bring up the various options, and among these, we choose 'screen resolution' , a graph of the position of the monitors will appear, we choose what we want and place it in the position of our preference,

In the latter option, for example, if we don't know what the previous position was on our screen, click on the option that indicates "identify" and several options will appear immediately, indicating in a simple way which is the ideal one.

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Rotate the screen according to your graphic

Your computer's graphics driver also allows you to change the screen orientation, be it Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA. We can achieve this using their control panel , which is a relief if for some reason you were unable to rotate the screen using hotkeys.

Su computer with Intel Graphics

The INTEL graphics controller is the most common among computers, rotate the screen with this is a very simple task, we position ourselves in any empty part of our desktop and click the right mouse button, let's go to the "Graphics Options" tab and we put the pointer where it says 'Rotation' here we are presented with the options 'Rotate normal' 'Rotate 90 degrees' 'Rotate 180 degrees' and 'Rotate 270 degrees' where we choose the option of our preference.

Your computer with NVIDIA Graphics

As we know NVIDIA is an online gaming platform , where we can easily create an account, and of course this platform for users works with various graphics that allow us to perform many functions within our PCs.

Such as, for example, rotate or rotate the screen, if we have an updated NVIDIA graphics card, we 'right click' the mouse on the desktop and we press the 'screen resolution' option .

Then, we will be presented with a menu on the left side of the screen and we have to select the option to "rotate the screen" and select the orientation we want , it's that simple, so if it happens to you, we already know how to fix it with various methods.

On laptops with AMD graphics

If we have a laptop or computer in general with an AMD graphics card, we can change the orientation of our screen by right-clicking on any empty spot on the desktop and positioning ourselves in the "Common viewing activities" tab when you insert this option the image will show us the allowed turning possibilities.

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How to straighten the screen on my Mac PC

To straighten the screen of your MAC computer we will follow these simple steps: first we must select the Apple start menu, then we go into the system preferences and we are in the option of 'Screens' where we are shown a drop-down menu and we find the option Clicking on 'Rotate', it will show us the possibilities of rotation and finally we choose the orientation of our preference.

Shortcut keys to rotate the screen

As we know, the keyboard performs a very important function when using a PC, so much so that there is the possibility of installing a bluetooth keyboard on a tablet and even installing keyboards on mobile phones, for perform various functions , for added comfort, and of course there are various shortcuts or secrets to perform functions such as rotating the screen.

For example, to fully rotate the screen, we press 'ctrl + alt + up arrow'. Another way, to rotate it in the opposite direction, press "ctrl + alt + left arrow". What if we want to leave the screen in standard orientation, we have to press the 'ctrl + alt + up arrow' keys.

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