How can I save mobile data on my phone when using Tiktok?

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TikTok has become a revolution when it comes to the world of social networks. However, it has a quality in its videos that more often than not brings with it a high mobile data consumption on phones.

However, there are ways to go when it becomes necessary preserve the amount of mobile data what do you have. So you can use TikTok as you normally do, but making sure you don't waste mobile data in the process.

For this reason, we will show you a simple guide to learn a save mobile data from your mobile when using TikTok and a series of tips and tricks to complete this information.

    What is the use of TikTok data on my phone?

    As mentioned at the beginning of the article, your data consumption will depend on how you use this application. However, an average daily data consumption on an Android or iOS phone is around 70 Mb for five minutes of use. This means that in 1 hour on Tik Tok you can consume more than 700MB.

    The developers of Tik Tok have automatically implemented video quality reduction when using the app without WiFi so as not to absorb a huge number of megabytes.

    Establishing the exact amount of data TikTok may consume on your mobile will directly depend on the how often you use this application through the data service. Therefore, the more time you spend in the application enjoying its services, the more data on your mobile it will consume.

    So you have to consider then, that the data consumption in TikTok also depends from the use you give to the services of the application . That is, if you only use the application to watch videos, the mobile data consumption will not be as high.

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    Now, if you use your device's mobile data to save TikTok videos to your gallery, upload your videos to the platform, search or use TikTok effects to edit videos, you will consume constantly data from your device and elevated.

    On the other hand, if you want know the exact amount of data that your use of TikTok in particular has consumed, you have ways to know the consumption of mobile data by your applications on your phone to access.

    How to activate the data saving function on TikTok?

    In a simple way, to activate this tool, you have to go to your Tik Tok profile and click on the points that appear at the top and then turn on the save data switch.

    Avoiding consuming more data while enjoying your favorite apps and social networks is one of the best ways to properly manage the amount of mobile data you have. In the case of TikTok, one of the best ways to save your mobile phone data while using this platform is activate the data saving mode of available to TikTok.

    For this, you need to enter your TikTok profile and select the icon with the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of your profile window. Once the corresponding menu is displayed, you need to select the 'General' option and then the ' Data backup '.

    Finally, you will only have to activate the TikTok data saving mode , which is off by default, and that's it. This way you will have activated TikTok's mobile data saver mode to consume only the data you need while browsing the platform.

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    When you activate them, you will notice that the quality with which the videos are played in your home window will be lower, this is how TikTok salva and give mobiles.

    How does the data saver mode work on TikTok?

    One of the best features of Tik Tok is the data saving which are located within the same platform. It works so that mobile data is not consumed quickly when using the app with megabytes.

    Activate the data saving mode and let Tik Tok through this function reduce the video quality by reducing the data consumption. That is, much less megabytes will be spent on activating this data backup, approx 30 MB for watching videos that are 5 minutes long and for those lasting 1 hour, a data consumption of 360 MB.

    Which TikTok features consume the most data?

    In hierarchical order, the functions that consume the most data within Tik Tok are:

    • Upload a video recorded by TikTok itself using any effect.
    • Download video from TikTok to your mobile (depends on the length of the video)
    • Look for trending profiles or audios.
    • Watch the videos multiple times from the start.
    • Record without publishing, as the audio you choose to record must first be downloaded.

    Save data on mobile using external applications

    Although the data saving mode that Tiktok offers you is very useful, there are applications that help you reduce consumption of yours give furniture in general.

    Among these applications there is DataEye , which among its functions is the control and management of the consumption of each network and also battery saving.

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    Datally is another of the apps where you can control and shrink mobile data.
    To find out which app suits your needs best, go to the Play Store and check each one.

    Tips for saving my phone data when using TikTok

    The best trick to save mobile data on TikTok is to use that application exclusively while connected to a WiFi network . However, this is usually not possible on some occasions, so it is recommended to activate TikTok's mobile data saving mode to avoid unnecessary consumption.

    On the other hand, you can activate a mobile data consumption limit on your phone, so that you can enjoy TikTok without worrying that the application consumption of extra mobile data while you use it.

    Likewise, you can too avoid downloading TikTok videos on your device while using mobile data. If you have seen a TikTok that you really liked, add it to your favorites and when you access a WiFi network you can proceed to download.

    Likewise, another useful tip for saving mobile data when using TikTok, is to cut, trim and edit videos on the platform only while connected to a WiFi network. So that the effect downloads do not consume data excessively in the application.

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