How can I save my photos and videos to Google Photos?

Photos and videos are a fundamental part of everyone's life; They allow you to capture unforgettable moments and be able to constantly remember them just by looking at them; They also manage to strengthen the bonds of love between couples, family and friends. Since we always want to treasure these moments, we will explain how save photo and video in Google Gallery .

How can I save my photos and videos to Google Photos?

    Create a backup to save photos and videos with Google Photos

    Google Photos is one of the most precious tools that allows you to save the most important moments for you and your loved ones; just like sharing a photo and video album. But, to save each of the photos and videos you want, you need to create a backup that will allow you to have a backup of all your files ; no matter where you are or if you switch devices, everything will be backed up.

    To make this backup you must have:

    • Have an Internet connection.
    • It is important that the photos meet the specifications; for example, it cannot be greater than 200 MB o 150 MP ; in the case of videos they must not exceed 10 GB.

    Also, it shouldn't be a file smaller than 256 x 256.

  1. Likewise, both photos and videos must be in the supported format such as .jpg, .mpg, etc.
  2. If you do not meet these specifications, it may not be possible to create the backup; so it's important to keep them in mind when backing up.

    How to save photos and videos to Google Photos by creating a backup?

    It should be noted that before saving any video or photo, it is necessary to make an automatic backup in Google Photos, both on a device Android than on the computer.

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    Turn on backup on Android

    To enable backup on your Android devices so that you can download all your photos and videos to your mobile, you need to do the following:

    • Sign in with your Google account.
    • Open the app Google Photos .
    • Go to the menu identified with the three horizontal stripes at the top.
    • Now choose the "settings" option and then "settings and synchronization ".
    • There you will see the option to enable or disable backup and sync "; remember that you can disable it if you do not have enough storage space, you can also delete some of the photos and videos that you no longer want to keep; for make free space .

    Keep in mind that the security settings you make in Google Photos will also be reflected in Google Drive. Likewise, if you delete this app from your Android, you will still keep the backup that you have made. If you sync all your devices with your Google account, you can easily log in from any device and will continue to enjoy the benefits.

    Check it out if your photos or videos have been saved in Google backup. To check if your photos and videos have been saved, do the following:

    • After logged in with your Google account, open Google Photos and go to the menu at the top right; click on your profile photo or on the letter that identifies it, in case you haven't added a photo.
    • Now you can see if the photos you have have a backup or perhaps some are waiting to be saved.

    Activate backup on your computer

    You can backup to save photos and videos with Google Photos from your computer; If you have photos on a mobile device, you can turn on synchronization of your account. But you need to know what Google Photos is for and how it works on your PC, so that you can then turn on the backup. For this you must:

    • Log in to the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
    • Go to the main menu on the top side identified with the 3 black dots.
    • Choose the "settings" option and the menu will open with all the options; First you will have the option to " activate synchronization ".
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    • Now you need to log in with your Google account, then go to Google Photos and go to the main menu; is located at the top left.
    • Select " download the application ".
    • After downloading it, you can start a backup of all your photos and videos, even other files; You can make backup copies of entire folders, you can also upload photos from the browser or from your computer library.

    You will now have all your photos and videos saved in Google Photos, synced to any device.

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