How can I see all open applications and windows on my Mac?

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The Macintosh, one of Apple's most important creations and a fundamental pillar of its industry. For anyone who has used these manzanita computers, the most outstanding thing is how intuitive and comfortable its interface is while working. That's why today is the time to learn how to see all open applications and windows on my Mac as easily as sharing WiFi connection with other Mac users.

Because even if it may seem silly, not everyone gets used to working from a Mac. And it's always good to have mini-tutorials at hand to help us discover all the functions of these powerful computers to squeeze all the juice out of them.

      See all open apps and windows on my Mac

      This process is too simple and all you have to do is learn how to use Mission Control. Which shows every open window on your computer. In turn, the applications you have open will appear in the space bar (in thumbnail form), along the screen.

      In the Microsoft operating system, there is a similar option to preview all open windows on Windows PCs, so it's not a Mac-only thing.

      There are two ways to open Mission Control, from the trackpad or the computer keyboard. With the first one, you have to swipe with three fingers up (to exit it would be the opposite bone down).

      To open with a keyboard, simply press the " Mission " that appears, or you can use a shortcut by pressing control + up arrow (note that this shortcut can always be changed in "Mission Control Preference Pane")

      Move and open all windows on Mac

      Once you've learned how to use Mission Control, you need to know what options it allows us to select for greater organization or greater comfort.

      Within Windows, you can move and then delete all empty folders in Windows 10, so up to here, using this operating system is also beneficial.

      These are three, the first is the most common option and is to show all open windows of the current App: to activate it on a keyboard we give " Control ” and arrow + down. If we are on the trackpad we slide three fingers down (to return in both cases we do as to enter).

      The second option is to show all open windows grouped, to be able to activate it you must first go to the “Mission Control Preference Panel”. Here select" Group windows by application" , then go to mission control.

      Last but not least we have the third option which would be to move windows sideways to see the desktop (this would be mostly to keep the windows open but be able to see the desktop).

      To activate it you have to press "command + mission control" in the case of keyboards, and if you are with the trackpad you separate with the thumb and three fingers on it (always to return you must perform the same procedure on both).

      The way you managed to visualize, see all the open applications and windows on my Mac is very simple and it shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to learn how to use the mission control function.

      Tip for copying or moving objects with mission control

      Seeing all the applications and windows open on my Mac isn't the only benefit of Apple computers. You can also move and copy objects with handy mission control.

      You can copy text and images between windows, you just need to copy an item and then go to trusty mission control to view the windows. When you see what you want, open it and ready, copy what you want into it.

      Additionally, you can copy a file or folder to your desktop, copying back the item you want first. Then press "command + mission control" to move all windows to the sides, then simply proceed to paste the copied item.

      With the same mission control you can even move files from one place to another in seconds. That's why it's important that you learn to use it. With this new knowledge, you're more than ready to take on the world with your Mac without outgrowing it. Now if you can get all the juice out of the apple.

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