How can I see Instagram stories from PC

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Instagram Stories (also known as Instagram Stories) have become increasingly popular among users of this social network ; And is that this feature allows users to share some publications , videos, promote products or conduct surveys during a 24-hour period.

How can I view Instagram stories from PC

You can also get creative and personalize each story with text, emoji or drawings, this will allow you to create amazing stories. But unlike other social networks, Instagram stories cannot be commented or liked, you can only send a private message.

If you use this social network on your PC and you want to see the history of all your contacts, but you don't know where to see them; In this post, you will learn how to see Instagram Stories from your PC in a very simple way.

    When viewing a person's story, you can control playback with the keyboard; for example if you touch the cursors, right and left you can move the content and if you press the Esc key you can close the publication.

    It's very easy to view the stories of your contacts; Something you should keep in mind is that you cannot link or comment on the publication ; but if you want to say something about the release you can send him a direct message.

    Stories that your contacts have posted will always appear in the Stories bar, so if you press to play a specific contact's history after it's finished playing, it will automatically show you another contact's next Stories.

    Another way to see your followers' stories:

      Something you should keep in mind is that when you view your contacts' stories, they can notice this. So if you want to see stories without being seen here we show you what you need to do. Plus you can also upload stories to Instagram from your PC.

        How to view Instagram stories without being seen by PC?

          Instagram Stories allow you to share your daily experiences with your followers; what will cause great impact between them and make you more popular. Go ahead and start using this feature that Instagram has made available to you; but don't miss the opportunity to post beautiful photos also from your PC.

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