How can I see or know if someone has added me to Facebook and on what date

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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most famous and constantly growing social networks. Changes in recent years have made it possible to use features like close friends within Facebook, post content on Marketplace, or connect Facebook to Instagram, but other options are difficult for novice users. Understood this, if you have any questions today we will show you how you can see or know if a person added you to Facebook and on what date .

It should be noted that Facebook takes user privacy into account, so some information will simply not be available. Either way, you can see the date someone added you, as well as other useful information

Can you tell if someone added you or did you add him / her?

Facebook does not provide information on whether you have been added or that a person has added you. To know this information, it remains only to remember. Even so, there are other things you can see using the various options Facebook presents.

First, you can see the approximate time you've been friends with another person or see mutual friends between two people on Facebook. If you want to see the date you became friends with someone else , read the following information.

Look at the moment you became friends with someone else

Seeing the moment you are friends with another person is very simple. It is in fact an option present by default within the platform. To check this information, do the following.

  • First, log into your Facebook account.
  • Once you are in your account, search for that friend whose information you want to see that moment they are friends from.
  • Within your profile, you should look for i three points located on the right, which will take you to your friend's profile options .
  • By clicking on them, you need to select the option " See friendship ".
  • Among the information that is displayed, you will find the moment from which they are friends.
  • The exact date will not be shown, but the month and year will be shown.
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It should be noted that just as Facebook likes can be hidden, some people have the friendship option as private. In this case, it will not be possible to see how long they have been friends. In any case, this is not something common, so the previous method will be used in most cases to check from what moment you are friends with another person.

See if anyone has added you to Facebook

You need to see if a person has added you Facebook, to accept or decline the friend request that I send you. This process is basic and you can do it in the following way.

  • To see if someone has added you to Facebook, the first thing you need to do is log in.
  • Once you are in your account, you should go to the top where the icon of friends , just click on this option.
  • This will show all friend requests that have been sent to you. In other words, it will show those people who added you to Facebook .
  • Now all that remains is to accept or decline the friend requests that have been sent to you. If you accept friend requests, these people will join your friends list and you will be able to see their profile information.
  • Likewise, as you surely already know, you can find old friends on Facebook and add them, in this way you will expand your friends list on the platform.

Undoubtedly, the above options can be helpful in being aware of your relationships on the platform. It's a good way to remember special dates on the platform.

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