How can I stop browsers from tracking my internet activity?

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No one likes being spied on, so if you found out you were being spied on, you would probably take action to stop it. What if you don't find out they fit you spying ? That's why today we're going to tell you what you should do to avoid tracking your activity on the web.

This is what happens with some browsers. When you are active on the Internet, browsers can also access your location without permission and know your personal information. So there is a way to avoid it, keep reading on the topic: how to stop browsers from tracking my internet activity?

      How to stop browsers from tracking my internet activity? - via incognito mode

      If you want to minimize the amount of information that browsers store about you, it is best to open the browser in incognito mode. To make you understand, let's take a cookie as an example.

      Browsing the Internet is like eating a cookie that releases "crumbs" of information into the browsers you use. Now, to prevent the "crumbs" from falling into the wrong hands, you have two options: sweep them away or eat them on a plate so they don't fall on the floor.

      In practice, incognito mode would be like that "plate" that prevents that your information is tracked by browsers. This incognito mode is present in almost all browsers as a good option to avoid misuse of your data.

      With this option you can browse the Internet privately, as it prevents the sites you visit from being recorded in your browser's browsing history.

      Incognito mode it also allows that when you close a window that you have been using, there will be no record of the activity you have had or of the cookies. This data is automatically deleted and there will be no evidence of anything you have seen or done.

      Impediment to the browser Google Chrome di tracciarti

      If you are a Google user, you should know that, like millions of users, this company is following you in one way or another. If you use Chrome , you should know that data such as the activity you perform on any website, browsing history, among others, are stored in this browser.

      Although it is serious, you should not hesitate, you can partially mitigate Google tracking. Through i Account activity checks , you can limit this tracking by Google. Get this section by locating yourself in your Google Account photo, which is located in the upper right part of the screen.

      Click on this and then follow the path Manage your Google Account > Data & Personalization and finally you will come to the Controls section of your account activity. Once there, you'll be able to manage your web and app activity tracking, location history, and YouTube history.

      What you can also do is set up your Google account to permanently disable the Google advertising cookie. This type of cookie is the most common in Google's tracking methodology. For this you have to download a plug-in that Google itself will provide you from your help page. You can also password protect your browser by blocking access to Chrome

      How to stop browsers from tracking my internet activity? - with extensions

      If you are not convinced to only set up incognito mode, you can take advantage of extensions as a practical measure. There are many extensions, but below we will talk about the two most effective and reliable ones - Ghostery and Disconnect.

      Let's start talking about Ghostery, it is such an effective extension to be able to detect any tracking and notify you intelligently. It is available for many browsers and is easy to install.

      The second option available to you is Disconnect, which not only warns you of the tracking but also allows you to lock . Whether you have the Opera, Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser, you can download the extension and protect yourself from any type of tracking. With these two extensions, you can be free from any kind of tracking.

      Now that you have the options to prevent browser tracking, it's your turn to put this knowledge into practice. It will always be advisable to use the best secure and private internet browsers. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that no one will track your internet activity or obtain personal information about you. In short, you will surf the Internet safely and comfortably for you.

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