How can I use and configure my Android mobile phone without a Google account

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Mobile devices have been an unprecedented technological revolution that has resulted instruments very useful for everyone.

Companies such as Android and iOS are dedicated to the production and distribution of increasingly advanced mobile phone models. And is that you can find very capable models that have become even faster than some computers.

Nowadays, owning a mobile phone is essential for the advantages it offers us. Carrying out daily tasks will be easier for you even if it involves small things, like syncing your passwords with your Google account so you don't have to remember or write them down all the time.

Much of the use of these devices it includes the relationship with alternative accounts in order to benefit from some applications that require it.

For example, it is possible associate an account Google to your Android device. This way you will have access to all the applications that Google develops at any time. What if it's not what you want? It might be a hassle to do this because you don't remember your code or because you just don't want to use it.

No matter what your case is, what can you do? If you want to learn how to use and configure your mobile without using a account Google, this article will help you.

You will see how easy it will be to do it and even if it doesn't seem like it to you, you will notice how wide this field is and its possibilities. The idea of ​​no longer depending on Google will be difficult for some, but the truth will turn out to be a different experience.

Why not use a Google account on your Android phone?

There is more than one reason why some people have decided not to have this sync on their mobile phone anymore. This is without worrying that they stop having applications since Play Store or any other service that Google may offer.

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But although for many the fact that Google grow and improve your services is a good thing, not everyone thinks so. Each different application or service that Google offers on its platform requires data and information from users.

The mere fact that a single company handles a large amount of information creates a feeling of vulnerability in a certain way.

Since privacy is the top priority for many users, this is a major drawback.

Your mobile with Play Store runs in the background each of the services you have previously downloaded from Google. This involves installing or updating the Whatsapp or the provision of data of the location where you are.

All this information is stored by the company and used later to find out what might interest you. By using your Android phone without a Google account, you reduce the large-scale amount of information you provide.

Android presents you with an opportunity on a silver platter that you can take advantage of because it has an open source system. You can change the default firmware on your own Android for a custom ROM if you are looking to use open source bits only. You will see that it is possible to find proprietary bits.

How to use and configure your Android mobile without a Google account? What applications can you use?

Please keep in mind that all mobile phones come from the factory with different applications that help you run more easily. It is possible to communicate via messages and make calls , listen to music, take photos, surf the Internet, use your calendar and take notes.

They may seem like just basic things, but putting them aside would abruptly change everything you know. But of course you want to have more applications. It is for this reason that we are going to introduce you to some shops with options for this.

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F-Droid is a free software exclusive it's a application store open source for Android, which is why it is a good alternative. This allows you to revert to previous versions of your applications if you wish, because it keeps track of them.

The Amazon Appstore can work for you too, especially if you're looking for an app store with a well-known name. It is included in the tablets Amazon Fire.

On the other hand, you can download applications from websites through the browser. CNET e APK Mirror they are reliable options since it is important to keep an eye on where the apps are obtained from. Use a browser that doesn't track you like DuckDuckGo.

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