How can I use Spotify Lite on my Wear OS Smartwatch? - Quick and easy

Smartwatches are the sensation and that's what they don't want to wear all kinds of information and applications on the wrist. Imagine now that you can use Spotify on Smart watch wear OS also to download music, songs and podcasts with Spotify for free.

Well, for some time now there has been a way and it's as simple as writing this post. There is the official APP plus an APK and today you will discover the wonders and advantages of both.

How can I use Spotify Lite on my Wear OS Smartwatch? - Quick and easy

    Spotify and Official Wear OS Smartwatch vs. Apk

    The official version of Spotify, Spotify Lite, it is already in store and you can get it when you want very easily. It is available for Android 6 and iOS 11 and above.

    With it, you can listen to your favorite melody over and over again, learning to repeat the same song over and over on Spotify. In turn, easily create custom covers for Spotify playlist.

    The first step is to download it from the Play Store directly from your watch, then from any device (computer, watch, phone). Visit, enter your details and "Sign in "(if you don't have an account," Sign Up ")

    Then a code will appear on your watch, enter it and press " Pair ", that's it, you can use Spotify on Smartwatch Wear OS.

    With Spotify Lite, we can check everything from our wrist: see what's playing, save content, play, pause, skip, etc. Last and foremost, you can control music from another device with Spotify Connect.

    Your version of the APK

    An APK is an executable file that allows us to download applications without having to go to the Play Store , which can be run on your phone once downloaded.

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    In the case of Spotify for smart watch, the application was created in this format, because it was the only way to adapt it to the clock. Therefore, it would not suffer as it does with other applications that they have tried to get around and end up being unstable by presenting bugs.

    Taking this out of the way to be able to download Spotify on Smartwatch Wear OS, as an APK is very simple, this alternative version was created by moneytoo, an XDA developer.

    The first thing this aptly named genius did was make it so that he didn't need a Smartphone to work, he didn't need Bluetooth, the second split the packs of drawable files, to make the application even more compatible. .

    He also started playing around with the design of the controls, which were much more comfortable (the buttons are across the width of the screen), and finally increased the height of the actionbarzise.

    Now as you get it, just search the web for the APK file, download and install it like any other file package of this type, and you already have Spotify on your SmartWatch Wear OS and you Done, you can use the app.

    Sure the APK version is wonderful, they both really are, what makes it more comfortable is that it fits on the watch screen, allowing for better functionality while using.

    The app of the future grows with everyone's help

    As mentioned above, both versions shown today are perfect and they work great, and it's partly thanks to third-party developers that many companies improve theirs applications as it gives you the opportunity to refine and test new things.

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    By downloading it both ways, Spotify wins and you contribute, becoming part of the wheel that spins at full speed to improve our lives, not only as users of an APP but in general, deserving the respect of the developers who work every day to provide the best products.

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