How can I watch HBO for free?

This application delivers one month trial, totally free. However, once the trial period has elapsed, you need to start paying the corresponding monthly payment to continue using the service. However, if you are interested in watching HBO for free, I recommend that you keep reading that content, as I will give you some tricks, with which you can watch HBO for free and legally.

What is HBO?

Many still don't know what HBO is and how it works. Normally HBO is known as a website, similar to Netflix. With which, its users can enjoy streaming, movies, series, documentaries, among other things. In general, this platform offers a sufficiently broad content to all its users.

This program has achieved great success, increasing in popularity from time to time. Today it has a significant number of users. And thanks to its reach, it is currently considered Netflix's biggest competitor in streaming content.

Due to the quality of the service provided by this company, it is almost impossible to offer a free version, as it has extensive content. For this reason, its users have to pay to acquire this tool € 7,99 to month, getting a totally free trial month.

Fortunately, while it lasts the month of trial on HBO, its consumers have access to all its contents, being able to enjoy this important platform as a normal user.

How does the free trial on HBO work?

HBO gives all its new users a free month trial, in which people will have access to the entire catalog, without having to pay a subscription. That is, as long as the trial period lasts, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the content offered by HBO.

After the trial period ends, you need to pay for your subscription or you will no longer have access to the HBO catalog.

Now, if you don't want to pay for this service, today there are a wide variety of techniques that will allow you to have a totally free account. Below we will introduce you to the most effective and legal methods.

How to get a free HBO account?

The best ways to get this service without any payment are the following:

Free subscription month on HBO

There is no doubt that it is best to enjoy and take advantage of the trial period that HBO offers you. Since at this time you will not have any limitations e you won't have to pay for the service. That is, you can watch all series, movies, documentaries and many more on HBO for free and 100% legal.

This method is one of the most used, but it is important that you are never an HBO subscriber.

TV package to get HBO GO for free

Another thing you can do is purchase a cable or satellite TV service package offering HBO channels. Likewise, you can also opt for a package that only contains HBO channels and by having all of this, you can get a free membership on HBO GO and HBO NOW.

Shared HBO accounts

In fact, this method is by no means free, since for this it is necessary to have a person who has a valid HBO account and decide to share it with you. A good option is that they both pay half and half, that way it will be cheaper and both of them will be able to enjoy large content.

It is advisable to establish a schedule, with the affinity of not coinciding and having a conflict in the account.

Luckily for us, HBO's terms don't say you can't share your account with other people, but it's important that you know how many devices I can watch HBO with your account on at the same time.

It should be noted that although there are more options for enjoying a free account on HBO, undoubtedly these are the most efficient and also have the advantage of being legal. Therefore, it is important to consider using legal techniques for avoid future inconveniences.

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