How do I know if someone is blocking or hiding my Facebook Stories

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Hide Facebook Stories is becoming more and more common among people who use this social network, as they allow you to show photos or videos of your day to more intimate groups of friends and have different levels of privacy so that you can share it with your closest friends or with the entire audience following you.

Have you ever wondered if someone has banned you from their states and the information they share on their Facebook Stories? This time we want to show you a small tutorial with which you can check if there are any followers on your Facebook that they don't want you to see their stories. Without more to say, let's get started.

    How do you know if I have been blocked on your Facebook Stories?

    It's easy to find out if other people don't want you to see their Facebook Stories, however it's not something you can do from your account, so you need to borrow their Facebook profile from a friend who may have added to the same person and then find out if he has anything in his profile that you don't want you to see.

    Another slightly more complicated option is to create another Facebook profile and add the person you suspect. You have to keep in mind that if you do, the other person may have doubts about that profile, as it will be a new and unknown account but if they accept you in time you can find out what you don't want to know.

    If you find that it is true that your friend has blocked you from stories on Facebook, you should know that it is possible that he has blocked you from other posts on Facebook, that way you can see what the whole mystery is about.

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    There may be the option that you have unintentionally silenced the stories of said person so what you should do is check on this topic in the state configuration and check if that's why you can't see your friend's stories.

    How do I block other people from my Facebook Stories?

    You can do this from any device, so if you want to upload a featured story to Facebook from your computer, you should know that you have also the ability to block anyone from what happens in your stories. You just have to go to the state privacy settings and in this place all the options available to you will appear.

    On your mobile device you can perform this activity through the state privacy and is performed the same way of your computer but from a smaller screen like your phone or tablet, no matter what version you have, you can always update your Facebook to the latest version easily and it will serve you the same way.

    It's important to know that the moment you limit someone to your Stories, they won't be able to see any of your featured Stories either. The same happens when you are blocked by your friends common from their posts through Facebook Stories.

    The good thing about this option in uploading statuses to Facebook is the security they give you when you do, as this prevents other people from browsing more parts of your life that you don't want many people to know. Here because can also choose exceptional friends and share a little of your day with a smaller circle.

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    Can I hide other things from my profile for more privacy?

    It's important to know that if you don't want people outside of you to know your information, you have the option to hide the details you don't want to appear on your Facebook. This social network allows you to have contact with your friends responsibly and more privately so you don't get in trouble with some annoying stranger.

    It doesn't matter how hard they try to find out all those details that you have blocked from the sight of others, they will not find out unless you give the digits of the password of this social network to someone else. It is for this reason that it is important to have a good password that allows you to keep your Facebook activity safe.

    What to do when you don't see a friend's story on Facebook?

    Like Instagram or WhatsApp, stories on Facebook they last 24 hours. That is, you have that time limit to be able to see your Facebook friend's story. If you remember it late and it has been deleted, there is no other option on Facebook where you can see it.

    On Facebook you have to be careful not to miss any story, because after the time you do not see what that person has posted. If for another reason the 24 hours have not elapsed and your history does not appear in your account, check the following options:

    Check the connection and update the board

    If you are at the beginning of Facebook and you notice that your friend has uploaded a story, but by pressing it does not charge properly , check the internet connection on your mobile or computer. When you check that there is a good connection, update your Facebook wall so that the stories load well.

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    Check that you haven't silenced him from your stories

    Another of the most common reasons for not being able to see your friend's Facebook Stories is because maybe at some point you have messo a silence the stories so as not to view them . Go to settings - stories - stories you have turned off. There you can find all the profiles you have muted, reactivate it and you can continue to see their stories.

    Visit your profile

    If the story doesn't appear at the beginning of Facebook, chances are your friend has it uploaded hours ago. Facebook prioritizes your friends' stories, but if other people close to you have also uploaded stories before, the one you want to see won't appear at the top of Facebook like it did before.

    Therefore, one option to see the story is to visit your friend's profile directly and click on their profile photo and you will be able to view it.

    Ask a mutual friend for help

    If, on the other hand, you enter your friend's profile and you can't see the story either, the most likely thing is that he hid it from you , or simply the person has turned on the option to share it with a specific group of people you are not included in.

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