How do I play Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for free on my PC or PS4? It's possible?

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Before this one came out new battle royale, many people have wondered if it is possible to get Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for free for any of the platforms it can be installed on.

That's an entirely valid question, bearing in mind that not everyone has the $20 it costs buy the game on PC or PS4, or that, on the other hand, not everyone has the ease in terms of means to top up their wallet.

With the popularity of this game, many users are hoping and hoping that it is accessible for Xbox, iPhone and Android platforms.

How do I play Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for free on my PC or PS4? Is it possible?

      Consegui Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout gratis per PS4

      Many times this large video game company offers users a variety of product offerings, many of them old versions that have not made much of an impact or have been on the market for a long time.

      But this year many were surprised to see that they could buy Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for free , causing a great furore among the PS4 Gamer community, but, provided you have a Premium Membership, and that will be for a limited time.

      Simply put, you must purchase a plan with this status to qualify for a free copy of the game. This can be achieved by going to the PlayStation page and accessing the tab "Store" and then "Buy Premium".

      This will take you to a different page, where you can see different games or products from the company available for their consoles. You should look on the left side, a link that says "Subscribe now" o "Join now".

      After that, you will be able to view the several floors that PlayStation offers you, covering several months and even a whole year, choose the plan that suits you best to continue.

      The store will automatically proceed to deduct the amount that the subscription costs from your wallet and once this happens, you will already have become a Premium member and will be able to claim the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for free.

      Now you can go to the shop from the same tab "Shop" and then on "PS Store", where you can access the game using the search bar. Once there, you just have to request it using your new subscription.

      I have no balance in my wallet. How do I add funds?

      If, on the other hand, you were unable to complete the subscription purchase due to lack of funds, you must add funds using a credit card, although you can also do so using a PayPal account.

      This is simple, you just need to enter the account settings menu, in the upper right corner, where your avatar image is displayed. There you will find several options, so you will have to choose "Payment management", which contains other sub-settings.

      You will be able to see a blue button that says "Add Payment Methods", choose it to complete the steps to link your PayPal account to your PS profile, and once this process is done, you will be able to select "Add Funds" .

      By clicking on this marker you will be able to choose the amount necessary to pay for the Premium subscription you intend to purchase. As always, follow the instructions on the platform to finish.

      Can I get the PC game for free?

      Unfortunately not all means of purchase have this excellent promotion offered by PS for the free purchase of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout , leaving out the famous Steam platform.

      That is, on the page of this copy distributor, you can get the game only by paying what needs to be paid to acquire it. Currently, the game has a total value of $ 19,99.

      Of course, the possibility that Steam will sell Fall Guys for a limited time is not excluded, taking into account that the intentions of the creators are to attract many more players, which would make sense to this idea.

      Once you have purchased the game, have fun creating your avatar and try to get to the end. Winning in this game can be tricky, so you should look for some tips and tricks to help you reach the finish line.

      Another game in the battle royale category that is very popular today is Fortnite, which you can get on multiple video game platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android. With the Fortnite video game you can play with many people from all over the world and talk to them.

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