How do I share a post on Facebook that doesn't have that button enabled or configured?

Facebook is one of the many social networks to which more and more users join all over the planet, thanks to which close contact is maintained with those who are geographically distant.

How do I share a post on Facebook that doesn't have that button enabled or configured?

Family, friends and even communities share everything from intimate moments to games, entertainment and trivia thanks to these virtual spaces. However, all this growing modernization has paved the way for a topic that has captured the attention of all users: privacy.

Personal photos mix with memes and chains and users decide to make their publications "private" to avoid exposure. But what if you find something interesting and want share it with your community and the "share" button is not available. How can you share this publication? The answer is here.


    Why is the share button "disappearing"?

    Due to the concerns expressed by users, Facebook, like many other social networks, pays more attention to its privacy standards, strengthening its security policies, in order to give more peace of mind to those who live in this space.

    One of the options we found is the freedom of the account owner to choose who can see their posts.

    It does changing privacy of your posts, being able to choose between the options "friends", "Public" and you can even choose to hide an entire photo album, only from certain people. But can we share posts even if they are private? Of course!

    How do I share a post on Facebook that doesn't have that button enabled or configured?

    Share a meme or photo from your mobile

    If what you want sharing is a photo, image or meme , but the button doesn't appear anywhere, this option is the quickest and easiest.

    The first thing is to log into facebook and then open the post image. On the right, at the top you will find three dots that you need to click on. After that, a menu will appear where you will find the option " Share photos ".

    When you select it, you'll find options to share it on both Facebook that of Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Choose the one you prefer and go ahead!

    To share a post with content

    Usually these are posts that belong to other pages, where the user got them from. Then, let's find the source , located in the post header or at the bottom.

    It can be a bit cumbersome and lengthy, but the upside is that you might end up on a page full of good ideas to share . Once there, we look for the publication we want to share, which is most likely "Public". We just have to press the "share" button and that's it.

    This way you can also share threads, photo collections and more . Once you select the button, you can even share to multiple groups at once as well.

    Copy, save and publish

    The good thing about this formula is that you can apply it on both your mobile and PC. To get started, you need to fully open the post you want to share. The next thing you will do is save the image . You can download it or take a screenshot.

    Then you just have to share it as you usually would . You can apply this way for content posts, in case you don't want to navigate to the source page. All you have to do is take several screenshots and create a post with several images.

    Why share photos that others have private?

    Originally, the idea of ​​Facebook, like other social networks, is that people involved in this community can approach, share and express themselves . Widening your circle more and more if you wish.

    So let's say you've been tagged in a post and after searching for it you want to share it with the rest of your community. Other publications may refer to information of interest or simple entertainment, which by setting the private configuration of Facebook, can not be shared "traditionally".

    Of course, don't forget that there is a very simple way to share what your contacts have made private, and that is by asking them to change the settings of that publication. And always remember to respect the privacy of others, however much you appreciate their respect for yours.

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