How do repositories work in KODI and how are they installed securely?

The applications or programs that allow us to view content are the best on the Internet. Since they offer any user from any country the opportunity to watch the movies or series they want without restrictions. That's why today you will learn how repositories work in Kodi and how they are installed.

If this program doesn't sound familiar to you it's because you live, under a rock, because it has currently become one of the number one in terms of content playbacks , and also the controversial number one.

It even competes with Netflix's download and install pace easily, becoming a useful tool nowadays.

      How do Kodi repositories work and how to install them safely?

      This application is as simple to use as any other, but before learning it, it is good that you know what it is. Kodi is a completely free Open Source media center run only by donations and volunteers. The interesting thing about this is that in its official version it does not include any multimedia content, you will add it yourself as you wish.

      The objective of this application is simple, to reproduce all multimedia contents, as well as to give freedom to its users, since since it is open source, free developers can create and add their own functions to the program.

      Going back to adding content, it should be noted that the method it has for finding what you are looking for comes from third party repositories. Repositories are sources of content, which once installed they become applications within the kodi player itself (so you can listen to music, watch movies, among others).

      How does it work?

      Is it legal? This is the question many are asking and the truth is that it is, and the key is precisely how the repository in Kodi and how they are installed.

      Since when you want to install an add-on in the program (these are applications, movies, among others), you are not breaking any law, because when you want to install it, what you do is locate a repository, which in turn works by calling said content .

      In other words, the content is searched for on a website that allows downloading of the files. Repositories are content sources yes, but they're also URLs that locate additional programs, so there's really nothing illegal.

      It's as simple as downloading videos from Facebook on iPhone and Android, and it also works as a good alternative to the best extensions for downloading videos on Google Chrome.

      In other words, within the repositories there is really no content type, for which you can claim any copyright (as you had already read, they use third party software)

      How to install?

      If you list the title how do repositories work in kodi and how are they installed?, you may have noticed that something is missing that you haven't learned yet, and that's how you install these said repositories.

      This is the simplest thing in the world and is achieved in a few steps, the first thing is to open kodi (which should already be downloaded), on your device, then go to " System " and then " File management " , select the option "Add source" , enter the URL address of the chosen repository and give it a name.

      Now go back and log in again " System ", then to the section "Installing add-ons from ", choose the source you added and search for the kodi repository to proceed with the installation.

      Finally press " Installa da repository" and select the repository in question. With this ready, we just have to scroll to the top and the installed repository will appear as if it were an application, click on it and you will be able to enjoy the content it contains.

      Now if you can enjoy the media you want legally and for free, why the doubt about how do repositories work in kodi and how are they installed?, has been completely clarified.

      And in closing for all those independent content creators, independent features and repositories, who are doing right without breaking the law, just have to say thank you.

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