How does the Google Assistant work in Spanish? - Main functions in mobile devices

Remember the science fiction movies where the protagonist spoke at the computer, he said hello, gave orders and the computer audibly answered and carried out the orders received? Well, this is no longer science fiction, it has come true with Google Assistant o Google Assistant . You can also change the voice of the Google assistant if the one you are listening to is not to your liking.

How the Google Assistant works in Spanish - Key features on mobile devices

Google Assistant functionality

Thanks to intelligence artificial a “virtual secretary” has been developed so to speak, which interacts with you, learns from you and feeds the list of functions that can be performed in your favor through the internet platform and the Google search engine. .

Giving a voice command like the famous " O ", you will start interacting with your" virtual secretary ", you will receive the information you request and give the orders you want; You can even remotely control other appliances in your home using this personal assistant! It will learn your habits, position, activities daily and the uses you give them.

Indeed, configuring Ok Google on your Android or iOS device will allow you to integrate the different Google services for meet your needs . If you ask him for the address of a restaurant, for example, he will give it to you, show it on Google Maps and suggest the most convenient routes.

This virtual help will be intertwined with all Google tools and the smart devices you use. Let's take an example: in addition to voice commands, you can write in the Google search bar, write on one Smart TV with Android TV , talk to the watch, smart speaker, smart car with ANDROID AUTO, etc.

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The Google Assistant can detect changes in yours habits and remember the places you have visited. For example, if you start attending a course on Friday at 15:00 pm, this assistant, the third time you go to the site at the same time, will create a path for you with Google Maps and will write it in your diary to remind you, how are you?

Main functions of Google Assistant on mobile devices

We could group them into 3 categories:

Everyday questions

Here you will group the information you may ask how the weather, the location of the places that interest us, the routes to get there, how is the traffic on the suggested routes, information on famous people, the news of the newspapers that interest us, in short, all the information you need to know .

You can set alarms and reminders to run errands (he will ask you how early the notice will be given). It is very complete in the needs of the day to day. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Communication assistance

Here Google Assistant grows, because we always need to making calls, sending messages, etc. , and this would be a real mess when our hands are busy cooking, driving the car or holding the baby. If you want to chat with "Pepe", but you have several Pepe in your contacts, your " virtual secretary "will ask you which one you want to chat with specifically.

To make the calls just ask "Call Pepe", she will answer "Call Pepe" and make the connection, and you absolutely do not have to touch the phone. This set of Google Assistant communication assistance features is very comprehensive. In fact, you can create and activate Google Assistant routines, so you can automate various tasks in your daily life; like exercising or attending a business meeting.

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Entertainment features

Here Google Assistant doesn't just tell you jokes, it also gives you access to games and answers your questions with wit (you may forget that you are talking to someone who is not real).

Activate the Google Assistant

To activate this virtual assistant you must have at least one Android 6.0 with HD screen and 1.5 GB of RAM. If you have these requirements, you will wonder how to activate, install and configure the Google Assistant in Spanish; if so, follow these steps:

  • In the main menu of your Android tablet or mobile phone, press and hold the start button; or you can also say "ok Google".
  • Then hit "explore and your stuff".
  • Now go to the top right and tap on the profile picture or go up "Settings" and then "assistant ".
  • The next thing is to go to the option " devices with the assistant "and choose the device you are using and now choose" activate "; You can deactivate the service right there if you wish later.
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