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After a lot of work and efforts to raise funds to buy a smartphone, you usually want to protect it. Fortunately, the mobile device market is quite large.

There are accessories of all kinds, especially to take care of them from the shots. If there is anything you should know, it is how the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector for mobile phones.

Place a traditional screen protector it can have both advantages and disadvantages . Although a store has the template for your device, the protection may not fully fit. Some can even cause problems in terms of touch and screen colors.

What are Nano Hi Tech protectors?

These protections are relatively new to the mobile device market. Its main virtue and characteristic is that it is compatible with any model . In fact, it is also compatible with tablets.

The simple fact of being a protective liquid guarantees greater efficiency once installed . It is very unlikely (if not impossible) that there will be bubbles on your mobile screen.

Presentation and installation

To understand how Nano Hi Tech Liquid Protector works, it is necessary to review its physical appearance. Usually the packs contain 2-4 small microfiber cloths. These are accompanied by a kind of tiny bottle, which contains the protective liquid .

Before proceeding with the installation of the liquid, make sure you clean your mobile with alcohol. To do this, you can use at least two of the microfiber cloths contained in the package. To avoid any possible inconvenience, turn off your mobile device.

  • Pour the protective liquid on the screen of your mobile.
  • Use another of the microfiber cloths to spread it across the screen. The liquid must reach every corner of the screen of the mobile phone to ensure the protection of all areas.
  • Wait a few minutes and you can start putting this protective liquid to the test.
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How does Nano Hi Tech liquid protection for mobile phones work?

As has been shown, this type of screen protector for tablets and mobile phones is easy to install. However, many still have a question ... this liquid tempered glass really works ?

To understand how the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector works, there is an element to take into consideration: “9H”. What do that number and letter mean? These are part of the "Mohs scale", this scale indicates the level of hardness of the materials .

The 9H indicates that the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector is made of a material called "Corundum". This material is scratched only with silicon carbide tools .

Would it affect the tactile performance of the phone?

Another fundamental aspect of both the Nano Hi Tech and any other type of screen protector. Installing a screen saver or traditional tempered glass (plastic) can have serious consequences in this regard. Above all if, of course, it is of poor quality .

However, the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector is also characterized by the its extremely thin layer . This in no way affects the level of protection it can provide to your mobile screen. So, on that side, you can have a lot of peace of mind.

Change of protector

The Nano Hi Tech liquid protector, like the rest of the protectors, can be removed . In fact, on the internet you will find a large number of videos about it. Many people install this protection to test them and then remove them. The truth is that they are simply spectacular videos, as they demonstrate the level of protection.

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So, if you have a pretty heavy job and your protector has been damaged, keep calm! You can remove the Nano Hi Tech liquid and replace it with another one by following the steps described above.

Do you dare to try this new protector?

As you can see, there are many reasons why installing the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector is recommended. Its advantage, the ease of installation and the high level of protection it make a great long-term investment. Your phone will be highly protected and you can be calmer. It will not get scratched or chipped from any blows.

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