How does wireless networking technology work?

This is a fact that many people overlook and it is the growing use of wireless networks in everything we see on a daily basis. Because it is expected that in a few years everything will be interconnected to the Internet. While traditional cable connections are still used in our homes, their use should come to an end. That is why we will teach you in this article How does wireless networking technology work?

But what is wireless technology? And this is none other than the ability of electronic devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, televisions, PCs, etc. To communicate or connect with each other without the use of cables or other different physical means. And this has caused a huge revolution when it comes to connecting because it allows us mobility.

On this particular topic, we had the opportunity to show you a tutorial in which we could teach you how to install a wireless network card in a desktop PC to have Wi-Fi without cables, very simple. But this time we will insist on this topic and explain how does wireless networking technology work?

      How wireless networking technology works

      It is important to know that there are several wireless technologies that allow our devices to communicate. There is, for example, the one that uses infrared waves (IR), those that can use radio frequency (RF). And the term is well understood, it is the way of communicating without the use of a physical medium, which in this case is the cable.

      So which medium is used to transfer data and information, this is done through the air and with the use of electromagnetic waves . That microwave and radio are commonly used. And the way these electromagnetic waves are transmitted and sent out is through an emitter device.

      This sends the encoded information through the air and the receiver catches these waves, decodes them and interprets the information. These forms of communication offer us enormous advantages that go beyond giving up cables. And it is the fact that information travels faster and faster we mean at a very high speed.

      Advantages and disadvantages of wireless networking technology

      This wireless technology it offers man great and notorious advantages, which have allowed its use to spread throughout the world. And this leads us to think that we will live in a world totally connected by these waves that facilitate communication. But there is also talk of the progress that can be made in this matter, that connections can be made through light.

      One of the most notable advantages of this wireless technology is that we can be anywhere and if there is an Internet connection, for example the WiFi network . We will be able to connect without any problem, another of the great advantages of communicating via wireless networks is the considerable savings in installing these networks as well as in their maintenance.

      Its use has become widespread in those professionals who are in remote areas of the planet and to have access, for example, to medical centers, management meetings, etc. They use these means to communicate, consult, give dynasties and even for a friendship meeting, all these and more enable this type of technology.

      We see this marvel of technology on our mobile devices on a daily basis, where we can receive and send information, data, while on the move. But not everything is rosy, there are also very pronounced and dangerous disadvantages, such as the intersection of these signals traveling through the air by unauthorized persons.

      Although we could talk much more about this technology that is conquering our world every day, but in this short article we could not cover everything that can be said. Hopefully we can make another tutorial on this topic, but in this one I think it was very clear how wireless networking technology works.

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