How lands work in Plant vs Undead: types, plants and rarities

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If you are one of the players of the new NFT Plants vs Undead game, you will surely have the desire to keep up to date with all the information regarding this phenomenal game that is giving so much to talk about. Being a game that quickly became popular among the gaming community for its simple interface but above all for his enticing cryptocurrency earnings , in this case, in the PVU token.

How lands work in Plant vs Undead: types, plants and rarities

If you want to be one of the best players getting the most out of this platform then we recommend that you see this complete guide, where we explain the complete functioning of the lands , we will also talk about the types of plants and their rarities, which must be taken into consideration when buying a plant in the game market.

    What types of land exist and what is their cost?

    First of all, you should know that there are different types of lands in the game , each with different characteristics and attributes that directly influence the productive performance of our plants. Also, when you acquire a land directly from the game, you cannot know what type it will be, as you will randomly have a 60% chance that it is a common land, 29% that it is rare, a 10% chance of obtaining a rare land, and the 1% you get a mythic land, all this randomly within the game mechanics

    If you want to play it safe, you can buy a land of the type you want by going to the Plants vs Undead market and selecting the type of land you want to buy in the filters. Also, before buying land you should know that the its rarity is determined by the amount of elements it has . Below we mention each of them:

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    common ground

    Common earth has only one element Of the 9 that exist on Planet Plants, that element is randomly assigned by the system, but if you acquire your land through the market you will be able to see it reflected in the upper right part of the land description. . This type of land has a cost that varies depending on the seller, but can be obtained starting from 2.100 PVU.

    rare earth

    The rare earth has two of the nine elements existing, its price varies a lot depending on the elements and the seller, its cost exceeds 2400 PVU.

    rare earth

    From this rarity the lands have absorbed three of the nine elements of the planet, so they are a little more difficult to obtain and only 10% of the lands have this type of rarity. Its price starts from 3.800 PVU.

    Mythical land

    This is the hardest land to find, only 1% of the lands in the entire game are mythical, these lands have four elements in their composition. Its price is around 4500 PVU.

    How many plants and trees grow on each land?

    In addition to the rarity of the land and depending on their type, these they will allow us to grow more or less trees and plants mothers within their area, being the following:

    • Common ground: allows us to have 3 mother trees and 20 plants.
    • Uncommon ground: it gives us the possibility of having 4 mother trees and 25 plants.
    • Rare Earth: this land has the capacity to store 5 mother trees and 30 plants.
    • Land mythical: On this earth we can have 7 mother trees and a total of 40 plants.

    What types of plants exist and what is their rarity?

    On the Plants vs Undead planet there are a total of 9 types of plants and among these there are 4 types of rarities, as well as lands, which will produce a certain amount of LE per hour which varies according to the rarity and any type of plant. It must be said that like the earth, these plants are obtained from a seed and once germinated in a large pot, we will get a tree with a random rarity assigned by the system.

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    If you want to buy a tree and make sure of its type and rarity, you can access the game market again and buy it at a price higher than that of a seed, but you will make sure of the type of plant they are acquiring . Next we will mention the types of plants that exist in Plants vs Undead.

    • Metal
    • Dark
    • Light
    • Parasite
    • Wind
    • Acqua
    • Electro
    • Ice
    • Fire

    How is synergy between the systems achieved?

    When the elements of the soil coincide with the type of element of our plants we obtain synergy, since these elements act together to give a LE productivity bonus to the plant that is planted there and to increase some attributes that will kick in when the final version of the game is available. In addition to protecting them from over 20 existing weather events. The synergy between plants and soil works as follows:

    • Metal: If in a metal element earth and you have 10 plants of the same type in them, the earth will be immune to bad weather, metal trees and plants will also increase by 20%.
    • Dark: For every 5 darks the productivity of the other elements will increase by 10% and all this is cumulative, so if you have 5 darks the bonus will be 10%, if you have 10 darks the productivity bonus will be 20% and so on.
    • Light: when you accumulate 15 of these trees, the chance of seed drop will be doubled.
    • Parasite: 10 of these are needed to increase the productivity of all plants by 20%, with the exception of parasitic plants.
    • Electricity: With 8 of them you will make the earth immune to ravens.
    • Wind: at 10, the harvest time of all plants is reduced by 10%.
    • Ice: when you are 5, the earth will become immune to the heat wave and volcano weather event.
    • Water: With 8 of the water type, you will ensure that all plants belonging to that land, except those of water, do not need to water.
    • Fire: When you complete 5 fire plants, the earth becomes immune to rain, snow, cold spells and winter storms.
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    What rules does the game's weather cycle have and how do they affect the earth?

    In the Plants vs Undead game there are more than 20 weather events which will directly affect the productivity of our plants. All players with the role of farmers and gardeners must take into account that these events affect the plants for 24 hours and the rule says that the same event will not be repeated for the next 48 hours.

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