How many megapixels should a good camera have?

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Every year camera and smartphone manufacturers who also come to take pictures at night, always argue over the next model or type of camera with more megapixels than the previous one; new resolutions may cause your current model to appear out of production.

So if you bought a low megapixel camera a while ago, you would like to have a new one with more megapixels, however, does that really mean anything? Does having more megapixels means better photo quality , or is it the result of well-planned marketing?

Basically, a single megapixel equals about one million pixels in a photo. Canon specializes in this, if you know or know the width and height in pixels of an image created by your camera, it is easy to calculate how many megapixels the camera acquires; In this sense, it is simply multiplied about six hundred and forty by four hundred and eighty to get a total of three hundred thousand pixels.

There are several reasons why you might want to buy a camera with a higher megapixel resolution, the most prudent thing is to cut it, a times what you want to see at the bottom of the corners of it is usually not captured , if the photograph is cropped to a minimum, it is possible to observe it differently but better than if it were left unedited.

It could be said that it is the main advantage of having a camera with more megapixels, since you can get extra space when doing some kind of editing on photo clippings.

However, how much space do you need if you want to double the size of the image , which would be much more room to edit photos and still have a large image than usual on the device; it would be for a six by four print, you get up to four megapixels.

These are extremely small numbers, so brands and the market, the new arrival of more technology, continues to expand megapixels; It takes a reason to convince consumers that the next model is coming out will see a huge improvement and the best way to do this is to steadily increase as camera and device brands innovate new sensors on an annual basis.

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As mentioned above, megapixels represent the size of the image, so this is it more relevant when printing. That is why they are not considered that important if you are looking to take a photo to upload to your social networks, for example. With which, only 2 megapixels would be enough to make the photo sharp and decent.

So if what you are looking for is quality in every photograph, you should focus on other factors such as the sensor, the lens, among others. It should be noted that the different social networks we usually upload images to have different size ranges when the photos are uploaded to the platform; that's why they will always end up being cropped.

Megapixels are transformable and a great seller, they have improved primitive black and white photography and allowed photographers to create works of art comparable to large professional industries. However, megapixels aren't a real reason to change from an older model; instead, it is better to focus on one type of image you want as well consider the limitations of the model you have purchased .

What really matters is the size of image sensor of a camera is the primary determinant of photo quality and the larger the sensor area, the greater the potential to produce high quality digital images.

Equally important is the size of the actual photosites in the sensor that collects the light of the image, the larger the photosites, the more light they can absorb and consequently the more image data they make available to the camera's image processor.

If what you are looking for is to be able to crop images before printing a certain size then you need more megapixels, so if you learn image processing tools, like Photoshop, you can interpolate between pixels by adding more pixels to the image . Professional photography can also be done with a smartphone.

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The quality of a device is strongly influenced by the quality of the sensor, not just by resolution megapixel . In addition to this, the quality of the lenses you use plays a fundamental role, and even more so when you manage more megapixels; You can find a camera that may have fewer megapixels, but with a more optimized sensor and better lenses, you can get more sharpness in the photo than with more pixels.

It must be taken into account that the greater the number of pixels, the smaller the size of the area in the sensor to capture light such as capturing the sky or space, that is, the color corresponding to each pixel and, therefore, the greater the accuracy both in the sensor than in the lenses. So much so that there have been cases with camera models of well-known brands whose megapixel resolutions are were lowered when the following models were released.

Now that you know there are better factors to consider when buying a camera, you need to know that buying one from 8 to 12 megapixels is more than enough. Obviously everything will depend on the model and brand of the camera but if you focus on that range that we have mentioned, the investment will be worth it.

In case you wish print photographs for business purposes, whether it would be convenient to get a camera of over 14 or 16 megapixels, which can increase its cost. So the choice already has more to do with each person's immediate needs.

The answer to this question is no; As we have already said, the best thing is when yes chooses a good camera is the lens, the sensor and other important aspects. Since, the megapixels you have, are only relevant in those cases where you need to print large images, such as advertising posters.

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It should be noted that if you usually retouch your photos in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, this factor could be important when framing pictures, but you don't need to get a camera of over 16 megapixels to fulfill this purpose.

If you like the world of photography and you want buy a cell phone with a great camera to take pictures, we will talk about four of the most acclaimed models by users. Starting with the most recognized brand of all, Apple. In this case, one of the phones that stands out best for its camera is the iPhone 12 Pro; It has a rear lens that allows for great realism in every image.

On the other hand, there is also one of the latest Huawei models, the Mate 40 Pro, which features a smart sensor and a telephoto lens that allow you to get the best results in every photograph. While the Samsung Galaxy brand isn't far behind with its S21 Ultra model, which has a good angle and a telephoto lens for getting sharp, quality photos.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the brand that is causing a sensation among users, Xiaomi. Where the quality fits the cost of each phone perfectly, that's why thousands of users all over the world prefer it. On this occasion we will tell you about the Xiaomi Mi 11, whose performance is excellent because it has a high-quality sensor and a seven-element lens with aperture.

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