How much you pay and earn Working in CornerShop, find out how it works

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Are you looking for a job that gives you the possibility to choose a flexible schedule? CornerShop might be what you are looking for since you earn money by working with the app . Read on to find out how it works.

How much you pay and earn Working in CornerShop, find out how it works

      What is CornerShop?

      It is the dedicated application the purchase and shipment of food , medicines, drinks and everything related to the house. You just have to ask what you need from the App and someone else will take care of making the purchase for you.

      The person responsible for purchasing and delivering the order is known as a Shopper and anyone can be. Anyone can aspire to work as a delivery man for CornerShop and earn like other similar applications.

      You don't need to have previous experience or any kind of specialization. You just have to register and go through the selection process to do the collection (make the purchase) or delivery service.

      How much do you earn working in CornerShop?

      The amount of money you make will be related to the area you work in, how many hours you put into the business and the schedule you choose. Although in countries like Mexico and Chile the estimated monthly profit is $800 . You can combine with another app and work in parallel with another app like Rappi.

      You earn extra money if you do other activities or work longer. You earn even if the purchase weighs a little more. However, you can make an average calculation based on the company's standard rates. The rate varies depending on whether you have to make the purchase and delivery.

      CornerShop fees to make the purchase

      • $1,10 upon order acceptance
      • $0,27 for every 10 pounds of total purchase weight
      • $0,14 for the purchase of each product key

      CornerShop commissions for purchases and deliveries

      • $1,10 for accepting the order
      • $0,55 for every pound of purchase
      • $0,34 for every km traveled to deliver the order to the delivery point

      The value of the product code it does not vary if there are several products with the same code . In other words, if the customer buys three packages of rice, the price for all three will be 0,27.

      In addition, CornerShop offers bonus for Shoppers who agree to work during the times of greatest demand. Multiply earnings by 2 and up to 3 for order delivery.

      The company pay once a week . You will receive punctual payment every Wednesday without fail, after filling out the payment form.

      What do I need to work in CornerShop?


      • Being of age
      • Have a means of transport , it can be a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle
      • Valid driving license or vehicle registration document
      • mobile phone with internet

      Now that you know you're all eligible, head over to the CornerShop page for register and fill out the form . Add any information they ask and don't omit or lie in the process as everything will be verified later.

      If they choose you, they will contact you to participate in one second stage of selection . There they will interview you where they will present you with possible what-if scenarios and evaluate your answers before different situations.

      After passing the interview stage and validating the information , we will move on to the training phase . Another experienced Shopper will teach you everything you need to know before accepting orders on your own.

      Tutto learning will take place in a real environment , you will make deliveries and orders with the designated person. This way you will know how the app works and everything you need to know.

      Even after you start working for yourself you won't be alone. The CornerShop team is characterized by teamwork, so if you have any questions they will be at your disposal to support you. You can still investigate how much money is being made in other applications like Glovo and then choose the one that suits you best

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