How Netflix Party works - All the tricks and secrets of Netflix Party

Netflix is ​​an online television platform that currently has more than sixty million users worldwide, its services include packages of movies, series and documentaries.

How Netflix Party works: all the tricks and secrets of Netflix for parties

The rise of Netflix it is due to the variety of products it offers to users, since people can choose what to watch, when to watch it, pause a programme, go back or save it to watch it at another time.

Currently Netflix has developed new services in order to improve the user experience allowing for interconnection.

It should be clarified that the online internet service is a paid service. Both monthly. However, Netflix has been characterized by the offer of affordable rates for the general public.

      How Netflix Party works - All the tricks and secrets of Netflix Party

      It is important to know what Netflix Party is and what it consists of, a modality that has become known in recent days and which aims to adapt the lives of users in a more comfortable and bearable way to the quarantine imposed by most countries. to stop the chain of covid-19 infections.

      It allows users with a Netflix account to connect through this platform to watch a movie, series or show. Today we're going to show you how the Netflix party works

      It is necessary to clarify that all people who want to use Netflix party must have an account beforehand and that you can use it on your mobile phone.

      • The first thing we have to do is download the extension, for this we go to the Chrome Web Store and search netflix party .
      • Then you need to add the extension. For example, if your browser is Google Chrome you have to select Add to Chrome and will appear at the top.

      • You will notice that from now on an icon with the acronym will appear in gray in the bar NP .
      • You must logged in to your personal Netflix account.
      • Select the film or documentary series program of your choice, you will notice that the NP icon turns red .
      • Pause what you are watching, click the NP icon and you will be given the option to personally control what everyone is watching or whether each individual can be in control.
      • The Netflix party will generate a link and you just have to share it with other members who want to join.

      Some tricks that Netflix Party has

      When you share the invite link with other members, Netflix lets you choose if you want everyone to be able check individually playback of what they are seeing, or if only you can. It is advisable to give each one full freedom, since if he has to get up for some reason he will not miss any detail.

      While playing there will be a bar on the right where you can see who joins, who exited. Also, everyone can comment there. If you increase or decrease the volume or if you pause playback, this will affect the other members.

      Steps to enjoy Netflix

      It is necessary to clarify that, despite being an accessible service, Netflix it is not free . So you have to subscribe to use it.

      • You need to acquire Netflix and select the best monthly payment plan according to your needs and possibilities.
      • Create an account using an email and password.
      • Once the free trial offered by Netflix is ​​over, you need to choose a payment method .

      Netflix is ​​a versatile and accessible service for anyone who loves the small screen and the big screen. It is characterized by the production of series and documentaries that touch on topics of interest to an audience of all ages.

      And in its extensive catalog you can find the best classics, hit series and major blockbusters on the bill.

      Netflix's party service also gives you the option to interact with other party members about their opinions or theories about what they are watching. Also, it is implementing virtual tours , so it proves to be a great option to spend the days in a fun way.

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