How not to appear online and type on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram must absolutely focus on providing the maximum possible security and peace of mind for each of their users. That's why they have to allow them not to appear online and write while they are using them, and this is a valid option for many.

How not to appear online and type on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Many times we want to go unnoticed by many people we can communicate with at any given time. With this we will have a small type of privacy and we will be able to continue to be connected to the system going unnoticed and without having to receive writings that perhaps we do not want at that moment.

It's a step to take that really doesn't have to generate any cost, in the case of WhatsApp you will need to use a simple app called FlyChat for your Android devices.

It must not have access to your personal information and allows you to enjoy a kind of floating window with which they will not see you connected.

With this app you will be able to reply to all your messages without appearing online and when you receive a text message or any information, the stems that the person who writes you deletes must not be marked in blue. And you can continue to be incognito before all; The app is very light, weighing less than 3 MB and only requires that you have an Android equal to or higher than 4.4.

      What should I do to not appear online and write on Instagram?

      Just as on the WhatsApp platform it is possible to remove the status check and not appear online or by writing, it is also possible on the Instagram platform.

      To avoid being listed as active for accounts you follow, such as accounts you exchange private Instagram Direct messages with, grab your mobile device and log into your Instagram app and immediately go to your profile.

      You have to press the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of the screen, then you will slide down. Find and press activity status. And you will see that two options will appear.

      These two options that appear in the activity status must be deactivated, otherwise proceed with the operation and then return to your main page again. This way you will not be able to appear online, active or logged in on Instagram or when was the last time you logged in, the only detail is that you will not be able to see whether someone is online or connected on Instagram.

      In case you should be back in the system as before, enter the activity status in the same way and proceed to reactivate the two options mentioned above and without any problem you will appear connected again in the eyes of other people. But everything will depend on your tastes and circumstances.

      What should I do to not appear online and type on Facebook Messenger?

      Not appearing online or writing on social networks is too simple and Facebook Messenger does not escape this function. You must enter the Facebook platform, log into your account and press the Messenger icon at the top right of the screen.

      Press the icon which is represented by the three dots, and a drop-down window will open, in it you have to search and select the option for disable focus. With that action, you will be able to appear offline in different ways, for all contacts, for all contacts except or only for some contacts.

      After selected the most suitable for you, you have to press accept and the order to your app is executed; If it's the desktop process, log into your app and log in, then click your profile picture, then preferences. Then press the focus option and deactivate it, with this the above action is performed.

      Being from your mobile device, access your app and press your profile picture, then you will select the option that says active status and on the screen that opens. You have to disable display when you are active and immediately the disabled button appears. Here's how the action is performed in your Facebook app, increasing your privacy and security.

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