How parents can control the HouseParty app for their kids

The HouseParty application allows communication via video calls and messages; In recent weeks, the app has become even more popular; especially among the youngest, as it allows for real-time conversations with more than one person. If you are interested in installing HouseParty and learning how to use it to keep your children safe, check out this article which might help you. In this sense, it is good to know that parents can control their children's HouseParty app and keep them safe.

How parents can control the HouseParty app for their kids

      What makes HouseParty so attractive?

      Well, simply, the various features it has. Conversations don't have to be limited to just talking to one person, as you can include up to a maximum of 8; And not only that, you can also do various activities, including making friends in HouseParty, talking to people you don't know and playing games.

      The app can also locate other app users who are nearby and then start a chat where you can add more friends. That's why the little ones don't hesitate to use it. But it is precisely what makes it unique that it can also be a headache for parents, who fear for their children's well-being.

      How to make the use of the HouseParty app safer for your children?

      • The first recommendation is to keep channels of communication open between parents and children; This will make it easier for you to know how they use the app and who they stay in touch with.
      • Another help is to make clear to children the limits from the moment the use of a smartphone is authorized and expose them to the risks of using any application or social network in which personal information and multimedia files are shared, which is not You can later delete from your smartphone virtual world.
      • On the other hand, to make the application easier to use, its creators have included the "House Rules" or in English "House Rules"; but the truth is just an explanation of what the application offers so that users can take full advantage of what it offers them.

      If you want to make the use of the app a little safer for your children, you need to change the Share location and privacy option or "Private mode". How to do it?

      You have to enter the configuration options, which you will find clicking on the smiley face that you see in the upper left part of the screen; once there, a window will open where in the upper left corner you will see a red icon; When you enter there you will get the features to make the use of the app safer for your kids.

      The Permissions or "Permissions" option appears in the list, where you can disable or block the functionality of sharing your location ; In this way you avoid facilitating the entry of strangers into contact with your children, protecting them from predators and ill-intentioned; who exploit social networks to harm them. If you want to learn more about this security issue in HouseParty, you can take a look at this article where we explain them in detail.

      Another feature you can change is privacy or “Private Mode”; when video calls start, anyone could sneak into the chat, if he's friends with someone else that's included; then, closing the padlock o closing the chat room , you will avoid adding unknown people, thus maintaining some control over who initiates contact with your children through the application.

      Now, if you had a problem with someone on HouseParty, you can block that user; To do this, see this other article where we solve it quickly with an example.

      Without a doubt, social networks are very useful for keeping up with friends, but when it comes to young people and children, it is good to take precautions; We hope you enjoy with these brief tips you realize parents can check HouseParty app and what their children do in it.

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