How Personality Traits Affect Employee Performance (Example)

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In a job, it is not only important how well an employee performs their job in a particular area, but also their personality. And so it is, aspects of our personality are almost impossible to change the traits that characterize us as people. If you want to know how this factor affects employment, stay with us and read the post How Personality Traits Affect Employee Performance.

How Personality Traits Affect Employee Performance

How Personality Traits Affect Employee Performance

There are currently various studies that reveal the influence of personality in work environments, so it is good to know what this influence is exerted by the personality and to what extent this influence becomes important in performance, recruitment and selection of personnel.

The personality of employees (individually) in an organization, firm or company is very relevant and must be analyzed by a manager of the company. This is important, since it helps to know the differences of each employee , behavior, knowing the strengths and weaknesses and other characteristics, so that later these can be incorporated into jobs suited to their personality.

Therefore, every employee can function effectively in a certain area using their skills and even conflicts between employees and personality frictions that affect affective communication at work can be avoided.

Although the director or manager of a company has to do an analysis of the personality of the their employees , this is not easy at all, indeed it is very complex. This is because the personality of each employee will depend on the influence of his family and social environment, experiences lived, etc.

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This is why the employee manager must constantly ask himself how these personality traits can affect the employee's performance in his or her area or job and use the effects of motivation on job performance to their advantage.

Obviously, no manager or director should require their employees to change their personality, as this would be inconsiderate bearing in mind that some aspects of the personality are difficult to change. Of course, in some cases it will certainly be obvious that some employees do they do their jobs better than others because of their personality type.

Workplace Personality: Do I need to change my personality to improve at work?

It is true that personality has an incredible influence on job development, so you may be wondering if you need to change your personality to do your job better or which personality types are most successful at work.

Well, one study conducted da Truity (a platform specialized in personality testing) with more than 20.000 interviewed participants, where all personality types were presented, according to the options of possibility, extroverted or introverted, sensory or intuitive, emotional or rational, qualifying or perceptive, determined that:

  1. People with qualifying traits generate more income of perceptual traits
  2. Those who were extroverts enjoyed their work more than those who were introverts
  3. Intuitive people tended to work for themselves, unlike sensory ones
  4. People who were more rational managed and supervised more employees than emotional people

In summary, this study reveals that people who are more outgoing, rational and qualified have the potential to earn more, because they are competitive, persistent and looking for success in their life . Because they are mostly born leaders, they are well paid and highly regarded in their work in everything.

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Now, all this does not mean that if your personality does not fully coincide with these aspects, you should make radical changes to your behavior and your way of being. What you should rather do is undergo a self-exam and determine your strengths and focus on them, in this way you will accept yourself and not stress unnecessarily.

On the other hand, you shouldn't have a negative and resigned attitude thinking that your personality is impossible to change, even though this may be true, you can always learn to manage and regulate i your personality traits , so stay positive!

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