How to activate a channelizer in Minecraft to bind hostile entities?

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Minecraft has grown a lot since its launch, literally now they have added a lot of things that weren't there before, like new worlds and special items (i.e. if you have updated Minecraft to the latest version). With that in mind, today will answer the question How to activate a channelizer in Minecraft to bind hostile entities?

If the above struck you as a little odd, then you really need this guide. Because this block is one of the weirdest they have put into the game, but also the most interesting. Because it has great effects that give many benefits during the game.

Pipeline construction

To answer the question , how to activate a channelizer in Minecraft to bind hostile entities? You have to first know how to build it (it's not that simple). The materials you will need are: a heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells. Getting the former is natural (you can't build it).

The only way to find and get the heart of the sea is in the treasure chests that are buried. You can search for these chests by digging into the ground , however so that it doesn't take that long, you need to look for a map in the wrecks that are scattered under the ocean floor of the game (so you need to know how to read a map in Minecraft or the treasure map).

In the case of shells, even these cannot be built, to obtain them you have to exchange them for emeralds with the merchants, fish them with an enchanted fishing rod with marine luck or kill drowned ones.

When you have all the materials needed to make the channel, you need to go to a construction table and place them in the following way: the heart of the sea in the central square and the shells surrounding it. By inserting them like this you will immediately get your channel.

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How to activate a channeler in Minecraft to bind hostile entities?

Now that you know how to build your channel, it's time to build a structure that allows you to activate it, so that in this way you finally find an answer to the question : how to activate a channel in Minecraft to bind hostile entities?

The first thing you need to do is get prismarine blocks (these are the only ones that activate the item in question). This block can be obtained in the underwater dungeons scattered across the sea.

Before starting the construction of the necessary structure, you should know several things. Number one, the larger your structure, the greater the flow rate of your canal, number two the canal and therefore the structure that supports it must always be surrounded by water.

And number three, the example you will see below is the simplest that can be done but it works perfectly. To achieve this, take your prismarine blocks and make a 7x7 square frame , i.e. each side of the square must have 7 blocks. When you are done, fill it with water and place the channel in the center.

With that the object will activate giving you the effects it has, remember that the bigger the better it is then based on this model, to add more blocks that give it more height and power (the only conditions are that the channelizer is always inside of the activation frame and surrounded by water).

Uses of the plumber

The channeler has various effects on the player who is nearby (the range depends on how big the structure is), grants a state called channeler power, which allows a user to breathe underwater indefinitely and see in the dark. Other than that, it also allows you to bite a little faster.

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Leaving these effects aside, we must talk about the function that brought you here, that of binding creatures.

The channeler captures the creatures and kills them. This does so automatically when a creature like a drowned one approaches it, it will be attracted and paralyzed as the black bubbles clear it.

This feature is very useful because it eliminates the discomfort while performing some activities like exploring underwater. With the last thing you read now, the question How to activate a channel in Minecraft to bind hostile entities it finds response ? L ' only thing left is that you go to your game (which you should have already downloaded from the official page) and start building.

In case you need to download and install Minecraft for free (for the sake of economy), you can still do the tutorial, you just need to have the latest version and that's it.

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