How to activate and configure Windows 10 dynamic block quickly and easily?

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Versions of the Windows operating system, especially version 10, offer many useful features and configuration options for users. However, many who use this software don't know how to take full advantage of the configuration options. The process of Activating and configuring Windows 10 dynamic lock it's one that many are unaware of.

How to activate and configure Windows 10 dynamic block: easy and fast

When new versions of Windows 10 come out, it adds little features that can be very useful. But the knowledge of how to manage them, configure them and their benefit is often unknown to users.

      What is Dynamic Block?

      The dynamic block it is a function that allows the computer to lock itself automatically when a device such as a phone moves away from a certain distance and goes out of range of connection with the computer.

      It was created with the premise that if you forget to lock your computer before leaving it, it will only do so by offering you more security for your data in an easy way. Prevent the use or manipulation of the equipment by other users.

      This option is mainly used in mobile equipment, since for its operation the computer must have the Bluetooth. Technology not commonly found on desktop computers unless specialized devices are added. For this reason, it is not possible to enable and configure Windows 10 dynamic block on all computers as easily as the process to disable the antimalware service in Windows 10.

      In addition, it is necessary to have an Android or iPhone mobile which will serve to notify the computer that the user has left the space and proceed to block. It should be noted that since the technology it uses is Bluetooth, the range the device has to move away to block will depend on the range that the devices must disconnect.

      Steps to enable and configure Windows 10 dynamic lock

      Before activating the dynamic lock function, you need to synchronize your phone with your computer. To do this, you need to access the computer settings by clicking on the gear icon, which is located in the Windows 10 start menu.

      After entering the configuration, you need to look for the option "Devices" and click on it. This action will take you to another menu where you will see the option "Bluetooth and other devices".

      When you select it, you'll find a button to turn your computer's Bluetooth on or off. It will show that it is activated when it turns blue. Once activated, you have to click on the option “ Add Bluetooth or other devices ”, which is identified by the “Add” symbol.

      This option will bring up a menu where you will find the "Bluetooth" option. Selecting it will start the search for nearby devices with Bluetooth activated. It shouldn't take long for your computer to recognize and display the device name on the screen.

      If it doesn't show, you need to restart bluetooth on both computers. If the error persists, it is necessary to reinstall the bluetooth drivers on the computer to proceed with the activation and configuration of the dynamic block of Windows 10.

      When the mobile device appears on the screen, click on it. Then a serial will appear on your computer screen and mobile screen. These numbers must match in order to then select the option “ Connect ” from the computer and the button “ Pair ” from the phone. By completing these steps, the two devices will already be synchronized.

      Since the two devices are connected, dynamic locking will be activated. To do this, go to the section " Account " in the device configuration and click on the "Login Options" tab.

      The title "Dynamic block" will appear in the login options menu with a checkbox. Clicking on it will activate it. Thus concluding the process to activate and configure the Windows 10 dynamic lock.

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