How to activate and put stars in reviews and ratings on my Facebook page

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Entrepreneurs and those who want their service or product to reach more people en masse use social networks for this. They understood the great showcase that this medium represents to get more sales. And one of the most used, without a doubt, is Facebook and in the following article we will teach you how to activate the stars in the opinions and ratings on your Facebook page.

If what you want is to get more sales by promoting your Facebook page, your product or more people looking for your services, it is logical that you use the most used social network. And even more when on this platform we can use the different options that it offers us. And among these we can use those that allow us to create a fanpage in a very simple way and thus be able to make yourself known.

How to activate and put stars in reviews and ratings on my Facebook page

One of the best advantages that these pages can offer is that we can see the opinions and ratings that customers have assigned to the product or service. And in this way to be able to evaluate or have clear ideas about what they offer us. And therefore know how to put stars in reviews and ratings on our facebook page it's important.


    Step to activate opinions and ratings on my Facebook page

    Being able to have a good rating on your Fanpage which will ensure that potential customers hire your service or buy your product without even knowing you. And this is one of the wonders of being able to activate this excellent feature, but it is important that you have Facebook updated to the latest version.

    And don't worry, it's very simple, both how to activate notifications . For this we suggest that you learn very well to enable this function on Facebook and you will be able to receive the evaluations and opinions of your customers.

    To start you must access your Facebook page , remember that it is possible to do it from your mobile phone, even with two accounts or from your personal computer. Once you have entered your data to enter and you are on the Home page, you must press or click on the "Information" button.

    This action will take us to a new page and in it we will select the option " About the page " which we will find in the menu on the left side. The next step is to click or select the "Edit" option which is to the right of the "Category" option and you must select which one your business belongs to.

    It is possible that the category your business belongs to is not shown in the list that appears and in these cases you must choose the "Local Business" option. The next step is to enter the address and view the map of your location. Once done, you need to choose three sub-categories, which will help your business rank better when searching on Facebook.

    Finally you will have to enter the basic information that the system will ask you to activate the function for ratings and opinions of our page .

    How to put stars and ratings on my Fanpage

    Once finished the process of activating opinions and evaluations , you will see that a new tab is displayed on your Fanpage. And it's about the "Opinions" and from now on every person with whom you do any business. This will be able to give their opinion and rate you with stars based on the experience they have achieved.

    And that's it, that's all you need to make sure that any customer who uses your services or buys your products can evaluate you and give you an opinion . In this way, Facebook ensures that anyone who wants to sell or promote a service does it in the best possible way. And if your ratings and opinions are positive, your sales or services can be increased.

    And thus we come to the end of this tutorial where we were able to tell you about a Facebook function with which you can put stars in the opinions and ratings on our Fanpage.

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