How to Activate Dark Mode in Whatsapp Web Chrome Desktop - Step by Step

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One of the most acclaimed updates this year was the "dark mode" . They wanted to adapt this fantastic tool to various mobile and PC applications, such as in email, on social networks and even in the browser, so users of many platforms want to apply them to all available platforms.

Based on that, this tool had just come to the WhatsApp application for Android , but not officially to the application Web whatsapp . However, it is possible to activate dark mode on the WhatsApp Web platform using excellent tools designed by third parties.

For this reason, in this article, we want to go through this tool and teach you step by step the correct way to activate it so that all your devices are in sync in terms of appearance.

How to activate dark mode in WhatsApp Web in Chrome browser

If you use Google Chrome in your computer as your preferred web browser and also any Chromium based browser like Brave does . If this is the case, you can easily and quickly activate the dark theme of your WhatsApp Web and all thanks to a free extension.

To be able to do this, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Start by going to the Chrome extensions repository and proceed with installing the plugin Stylus .
  • Once the first step is complete, proceed with installing the theme Dark WhatsApp Web . This can be done by pressing the button "Install style" .
  • After that, proceed with updating the page WhatsApp web And that's it.

When you reopen WhatsApp Web or refresh that page, you will see that the dark theme has been applied to your page and its appearance has changed.

Activating dark mode in WhatsApp Web in the Mozilla Firefox browser

If your case, on the other hand, is someone using the Firefox browser, the process of adapting this aspect to yours PC it's quite similar. For this it is necessary that you start by downloading the same add-on that we previously downloaded and that it is applied correctly to yours too browser .

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Here we explain again:

  • Go back to the add-ons store of your Firefox browser and proceed with the download and installation of the Stylus extension.
  • Once this extension is installed, proceed with installing the theme Dark WhatsApp Web. As with other browsers, you can do this by pressing the "Install Style" button.
  • Reload the page one more time and proceed to reload the WhatsApp web page and voila, you will see how the whole look on the web has changed completely and you will feel much more comfortable.

The ones we present here are two of the safest ways to apply the dark theme on WhatsApp Web in your browser. However, there are other ways to get it, for example with some extensions like Dark Reader, available for Chrome, Firefox and even for Safari.

Another option we can recommend: Midnight Lizard

Midnight Lizard is known as an extension for Chrome and Firefox that also allows us to create various dynamic themes for all those websites we access. Midnight Lizard offers also various options for changing backgrounds and buttons.

All this with the sole purpose of feeling calm when you access various pages web and you don't want random colors or brightness that could harm your eyesight.

The settings you choose will depend entirely on the level of Customization you desire and also the complexity you are willing to face.

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