How to activate, install and set up the Google Assistant in Spanish on PC or Android

L' Google Assistant is an application originally intended for Pixel smartphones. As time goes by and technology advances, this amazing helper could be installed on the Operating System Android , working perfectly.

This virtual assistant is managed thanks to intelligence artificial which makes possible a much more effective and efficient interaction with the user. Also, it allows two-way conversations , which give the customer a feeling of closeness, keeping this brand as one of their favorites.

How to activate, install and set up the Google Assistant in Spanish on PC or Android

Nowadays, almost all android users use google assistant , this being one of the most recognized. Although some users have chosen to download Siri on Android phones .

And is that this assistant can do much more than the voice searches recognized . You can keep an agenda, prepare to-do lists, control some tools of your mobile, such as flashlight, Bluetooth activation, Wi-Fi management and much more.

      Can I install the Google Assistant in Spanish?

      The Google Assistant handles a wide variety of languages which you can configure according to your preferences. And Spanish is one of them.

      Plus, the other good news is that you can install Google Assistant on your PC to enjoy its benefits. Once installed and activated, you can enter the language you want, both on your mobile and on your PC, do you want to know how?

      Install the Google Assistant on your PC

      To install Google Assistant on your PC, you need to get started by downloading an android emulator for PCs. The most recommended are usually Nox o Bluestacks , the latter being the most used.

      Then we will start by visiting the corresponding virtual store, depending on whether you work with Windows or Mac. We can also visit some download pages for Bluestacks or Nox, from Google.

      One detail you should be aware of among so many downloads is viruses, so it's worth knowing how to remove them from your mobile without losing data.

      Install your emulator on PC

      Once completed the download , we must go to the corresponding folder and locate the emulator application we have selected. At that moment, and with one click, we will start with the installation.

      A dialog will open asking if we want to start with the installation . Of course, the answer is "accept" or "next," as the case may be.

      The following will be a series of steps that we must complete, depending on the emulator we have chosen. It might be a little long, but in the end it will be worth it.

      Once this process has completed successfully, it's time to install ours Google Assistant .

      To do this we will open the emulator and place "Google Assistant" in the search bar. In the app store we will see a suggestion for download google assistant (for emulator) . This is our goal, so we will press the "Install" button.

      Once the download is finished, we will look for the corresponding folder and there we will find the Google Assistant. We are now ready to use it! Now maybe you want to connect an external microphone to your mobile phone.

      Install Google Assistant on Android

      Most Android phones have this app enabled by default. But in case it isn't, finding it isn't very difficult.

      First of all, find the Google app and tap where it says "other". Then choose "settings" and a menu will appear. There we will select "assistant" and then choose "phone".

      Once these simple steps are done, we can see ours Google Assistant on the home screen, ready to be served.

      How to configure the language in Spanish on both PC and Android

      First we will verify that our Google Assistant is connected to the same account as Google Home . Once confirmed, we will open that application and follow a few steps.

      We will locate the "your account" button in the upper right corner and press there. So we will choose " Assistant settings ", then "languages".

      Touch the current device language to cancel the setting , then tap your preferred language. As we can see, this is a very simple dynamic, designed to make the process easier for users. Happy Google!

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