How to activate or change the sound of my Instagram notifications

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For many people, notifications are one of the most essential functions of each messaging application or social network , because it is that notice that warns them that a message has arrived from someone or from the application itself, if there is a new configuration or update.

And for this the same users who own a smart device are looking for a way to customize each notification of each specific application , so that when a notification arrives, they know what application it is.

However, not all applications allow you to change notifications, at the moment the one that has that option is the application of WhatsApp messaging.

Although most of the people who normally use social network applications look for how to change instagram notifications to be able to differentiate him from the others.

It should be noted that this action cannot be performed from the Instagram application itself because the application itself does not have the possibility of being able to configure these options but that does not mean that there is no are other methods to do so , below we will show you how to make:

How to change my Instagram notifications

The only Instagram value we might change with respect to notifications is to turn them on or off in different cases, such as when an account starts following us or when other users start reacting to a post we've uploaded.

To do this we will have to first log into the Instagram application which is installed on our mobile device and then access the notifications option in the settings section located in the top right panel of our profile, once inside this option we can see all editable values , in this case we can only activate or deactivate notifications.

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How to activate or change the sound of my Instagram notifications

As mentioned above, changing the notification tone is an action that cannot be performed directly from the Instagram application , the only way to change it would be from the notification settings found in the device settings, so we will teach you how to change the notification tone from the phone applications.

  • The first thing to do is to access the phone settings, then enter the notifications section .
  • Once inside this section, look for the notification tone option, where various options will appear, including a ringtone, a message tone, and an alarm tone.
  • Select the message tone option and choose the tone you want to apply for app notifications.
  • And ready! the tone of the message will be changed to the one you prefer.

To differentiate Instagram notifications from other applications, there is an alternative and that is that we could simply change the notification tone of said applications instead of trying to find how to change Instagram, as in the case of WhatsApp or Telegram

Since these apps offer the alternative of being able to change the tone of the message or call notifications of the same app, we will teach you below how to change or edit notifications of the WhatsApp application easily.

Change notifications on WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers several editing options in terms of notifications, with this application you will be able to change the notification of the contact or group you want so that it has a different tone or in case of an LED light on your device in so that it has a different color, below we will show you how to change notifications in WhatsApp:

  • To start configuring the notifications of the WhatsApp application, it is necessary that you have the application updated to its latest version, which you can do by going directly to the Google Play Store official and looking for the WhatsApp application.
  • Once the application has been updated, you will have to open it and access the settings, by inserting the button with i three vertical points located at the top right and then the notifications option.
  • Once inside, you can find all the editable parameters of WhatsApp notifications, both for messages and for calls.
  • Navigate to the option you want to change the tone and select the message or ringing tone you want set for the application. This option can also be applied to specific contacts or chats.
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