How to add a word counter in Google Docs documents?

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Google is always looking for new applications that improve life and make work easier, it is the case of Google Docs , created like Office but online. There are many useful functions within this program, but the one you are interested in learning today is how to add a word counter in Google Docs documents.

How to add a word counter in Google Docs documents

It may seem absurd, but in many jobs you have to keep a word count , either as a rule set by your teacher, for the format you will switch work to later, or simply to keep track of how much we write per day. For all this Google Docs offers us the solution, as easy as activating dark mode in Google Docs documents .

      Google Drive

      The first thing before learning any function is that you know the application you are working with. Google Docs is an Office-like system that lets you create and edit documents, spreadsheets and slides online in real time.

      It represents the best alternative to using or properly using Microsoft Office free online , since, as mentioned, it works with the same functionalities in general.

      In other words, every change you make to your documents will be saved almost automatically without you needing to do anything and will always be available in the cloud. You can also access it from any browser, and of course you can add a word counter in Google Docs documents.

      You can also save them in any format you want, as it is compatible with most, and as it is in the cloud , your files can be shared with others , that if you give them the necessary permissions they can edit them just like you (teamwork from any country).

      And last but perhaps most important is that Google docs is no longer the official name of this program, its name changed to Google drive a few years ago. This is due to a merger between Docs and Drive (Google's cloud storage program).

      Add a word counter in Google Docs documents

      Now what you care about, how to place that long awaited word counter, so you can start creating your documents in bulk.

      The first thing to do is go to the section called " Instruments ", then just go to the "Word Count" option.

      With this, it will show us the number of words, characters and pages that the document has. This option is completely accurate, the only detail is that it stops writing, because you have to stop and look for options.

      However, with this we can add a word counter in google docs documents or well more than add at least visualize what we have already done.

      As a tip, it's good to use this option only at the end of the job, so that it doesn't hinder your work (because stopping every 10 minutes isn't what anyone is looking for), but how could it be otherwise Google has another option that lets you count words for real time.

      Count words in real time

      To get this counter, which will appear as a floating bar at the bottom of the document. You need to go to "Tools" again, then up "Word Count" , but this time in the window that appears you will give the option "Show word count as we type" and that's it.

      This way you will know how many exist and how many can be modified to search keywords for a web page, just to cite an example.

      This counter, like in Word, also allows you to know the number of words in a specific text or paragraph, you just need to fade it and the data will immediately appear in the same bar.

      However, there is only one small detail and that is that this counter is currently only available in certain types of accounts such as those of G continued.

      Despite this, everyone knows that eventually Google will implement this option for all its users. And for you who have already learned how to add a word counter in docs Google Docs , it can only be said that you are already ahead.

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