How to add HTML object to PowerPoint step by step?

Adding an HTML object to PowerPoint can be a very useful tool for better presentations and direct access to certain files on your computer. Also, HTML objects can work for adding elements to a web page or create direct links to web pages.

Just like you can insert HTML files, you can also insert YouTube videos into your presentation; If you're going to talk about a location, you can insert a map from Google Maps.

How to add HTML object to PowerPoint step by step

      What do you need to do to add an HTML object to PowerPoint?

      PowerPoint is one of the Microsoft programs that has interfaces that can be very analytical, any user can learn without the need for extensive tutorials. But sometimes, there are some features that can be pretty cool and maybe a little hard to do, so you need to seek help.

      Similarly, when you need to add HTML objects to display it in a presentation or to create a direct link to it, PowerPoint makes the job much easier. To add HTML object in PowerPoint you need to follow some steps, it is recommended to read all of them before starting the process.

      Begin this process by opening a new presentation or opening the presentation where you want to add the HTML object in question. Now scroll to the slide where you want to place the object, you have to click on the "Insert" tab, you will find this option in the ribbon above.

      You must select the option "Object" , Then "Create from file" and finally "Browse", locate the HTML on your hard drive and select it. You must check the box "Link" if you don't plan to view the presentation off your computer, this will only work as a link to the file.

      On the other hand, if you want to show the presentation on another computer, you'll need to leave this box unchecked, so the object is saved as part of the PPTX. Now all you have to do is determine the size you will leave the file at within the slide and that's it, it will work with any HTML object .

      Why insert an HTML object in PowerPoint?

      As discussed above, HTML objects can be a great tool for creating links to databases and items that you have on your computer. Basically, you will be able to make the sources or sites of interest that mix available to the people viewing your presentation with the topic you are presenting .

      HTML objects can be very useful, for example, if you use a YouTube video, you can make it easier for your listeners to learn and understand.

      Is it possible to insert only one HTML object in PowerPoint?

      Actually PowerPoint is one of Microsoft applications most compatible, you can insert images, audio, video and much more.

      It can complement your presentations excellently, you will be able to create amazing things, its transitions and effects are excellent, you can even create videos. PowerPoint limit is set where can your imagination go , which is why many people prefer this application over any other.

      Is PowerPoint the best tool for this?

      While PowerPoint doesn't let you change the encodings, its support for HTML is quite extensive, in a sense it becomes the best option to use them.

      Presentations for work or study can be completed perfectly with all the data that can be entered, it is likely that yes they will get very complete presentations . In addition, PowerPoint handles different creation formats very well, you can insert text, bars, equations, shapes, images and much more.

      Take the liberty of creating any type of presentation, remember that you can save your presentations as videos and slideshows, being able to send or reproduce them . Driving an HTML object in PowerPoint will be very useful, it will have great elements inside your slides and make them eye-catching and very interesting.

      PowerPoint has many tools to make your presentations more dynamic and interactive, in them you can add voice recordings, animations and transition effects or even dolls that move in the presentation.

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