How to add icons to a page menu in WordPress with the Menu Icons plugin

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Inside WordPress you can use icons, which is a wonderful way to convey different ideas or concepts you are about to capture on that page. These are due to the dynamism with which the different web pages move, with which many people feel more comfortable in understanding and reading a text thanks to different visual elements . In this way, the user can interpret the information in a much more agile way.

Based on this and with the sole purpose of making people feel much more comfortable with what they are reading, icons have become standard elements for simplicity and dynamism to use.

In this post we will teach you how to add several icon to the menu of your wordpress page, in an easy and simple way.

What are icons and what are they used for in WordPress?

Icons are known to many as pictograms, which generally represent an idea. They have become popular items thanks to all the development that took place in different circles graphics . They are usually used regularly to represent different actions within a platform.

They are so important in today's world that you can see them in different places on the website and in real life, like in infographics, on the desktop of your PC or mobile phone. In WordPress, icons are used within menus and their function is to be guides within the navigation .

By default, WordPress carries an icon font that has been previously installed and is mainly used to indicate those icons that are intended for the desktop, such as the phone icon and also icons that are used to represent some social networks.

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We know them as i Dashicon . They include, in a basic way, a series of basic emoticons, which are usually a bit short for the projects you want to develop.

How to add icons to your WordPress website?

One of the best tools you can support your work with within WordPress is Fontawesome. With it, the task of adding icons will be much easier as well as being a free tool.

In order to use this tool, you just have to start by downloading one of its plugins which is intended for the WordPress repository, we refer to: " Font awesome 4 menu "or, failing that, you can use" Better Font Awesome ".

With these tools, you can use templates like Generate Press, which comes with Fontawesome features and with which you won't need to install the plugin.

How to add icons in WordPress menu with Fontawesome?

To be able to choose the icons you want to use, you just have to start by logging into the official Fontawesome page. Once there, you just have to click on the icons option. Inside you can choose from hundreds of packages di icon , you just have to find the one you like best.

Once you have identified the package you like, you just have to copy and paste the " iclass "of the package and then start adding it to your web page and that in the same way appear in said image.

You can add this code, for example, within each section of your menu. To do this, once the menus have been created, it will be much easier to insert in front of the name (the navigation tag) and the code generated within the fontawesome page.

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This way the icons will appear arranged and arranged in the order you want WordPress is a excellent tool to capture your ideas. With these icons you will facilitate the navigation of your users through your site.

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