How to add or edit my bank account for Didi Conductor payment step by step

DiDi is one of best platforms to work as a pilot thanks to its competitive prices. Also you have the possibility to receive payments by adding your bank account in the application.

You can receive all your DiDi payments directly to your bank account in a timely manner. You just have to register your account as a withdrawal method and in case you change banks you can make the change in minutes.

How to add or edit my bank account for Didi Conductor payment step by step

      How to add my bank account for DiDi driver payment

      The bank account validation process may take several days. But once you accept, you can start using your account to receive payments.

      Change my bank account to receive payments from DiDi driver

      If for any reason you have to switch banks to receive DiDi payments, you just have to change the default withdrawal method . Processing similar to registering your account for the first time.

      • Enter the application and go to My Portfolio section .
      • Choose your default withdrawal method from the section Method of withdrawal .
      • There will be the bank account you currently registered. Press the Edit button to change the data.
      • Edit the current fields and re-enter:
        • Full name of the account holder
        • Address of the account holder
        • Clave interbancarie
        • Repeat the interbank code again to avoid transcription errors
      • Enter the verification code which was sent to your phone via SMS.

      The change may take several days before it is reflected within the platform. If you have filled in all the data correctly, the validation process will be faster.

      Is it advisable to work with DiDi?

      DiDi is one of the most recommended applications for work as a driver . He even stands as a strong opponent of other companies like Uber.

      Gradually gained the loyalty of many users who prefer to use DiDi exclusively and many drivers assure that the profit margin is higher. Not to mention the DiDi Driver bonuses and incentives.

      Only in Mexico, a DiDi pilot earn 33% more than the national average . To start working with them you just need to meet the minimum requirements.

      Earnings with DiDi can vary based on several factors such as the city you are in, the days you work, and even the volume of traffic. Earnings too with Consigli DiDi to friends and relatives.

      When does DiDi pay its drivers?

      DiDi pay the drivers every week . On Sunday at the end of the day you will receive the payment without delay in your bank account.

      What do I need to be a DiDi pilot?

      • Reach the major age in your country.
      • Valid identification document . If you are a foreigner, you must present your valid passport.
      • Valid driving license fit to work as a driver.
      • Certificate of criminal record updated
      • Have a 4 or newer 2016-door vehicle
      • The vehicle must be in good condition with working windows and air conditioning
      • Wide coverage private insurance , which covers damages to third parties

      All these documents must be sent to confirm their validity. Requirements may vary depending on which country you are in.

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