How to add or insert text to a video fast and easy

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Videos are a fundamental part of the internet. Currently, most of the internet content focuses on the video format. That's why it's important to know how to add or add text to a video quickly and easily .

How to add or insert text to a video fast and easy

Video editors can be a bit complicated if you're not used to using them. However, it is essential to learn how to use even the most basic options. With a little patience you can get great editions, as long as you have the right program, you can even make them your own by watermarking them.

Adding text to a video is not as easy as it would be with an image. Where maybe with a Paint or Photoshop you can add said text, as in certain occasions publishers want to put 3D text in their videos to make them more amazing. To achieve this we will have to use certain editing programs.

Thankfully, we advise you two video editing programs which are very simple to use, intuitive and above all, with very clear options so that you don't get lost in the process if you don't have much experience.

We will see a small tutorial for each of these programs. In less than five minutes you will be able to add text to any type of video you want without any kind of limitation and share it with all your friends.

      How to add text to a video

      The first program that we will offer you is Filmora Video Editor , it is a very interesting video editor with a large number of tools so that you can not only add text to a video but you can also do an infinite number of things , although it requires familiarity with the program.

      In the following tutorial we will see step by step how to add text to a video quickly and easily. Filmora has more than 130 types of texts and titles. You can change the fonts and color. So in terms of options, we have, and lots of them.

      • We open the program and import the video. For this we have to go to " Fillet ", so " Add files " and choose the video we want to add text to.
      • The next thing you will do is drag the imported video to the timeline you have at the bottom to be able to edit it.
      • Press where you want add text and press the button "T" to be able to add one.
      • In the timeline you have to double click on the text file and you will see a window where you can choose the font and color. After that confirm.
      • You also have the option to upload the video directly to YouTube if you like. For this, simply click on the button " Export " and in the upper tab look for " Youtube ".

      Second option to add text to a video

      Another rather interesting program is Avidemux which is quite simple and also allows us to add different texts to a video. The good thing about this program is that it is multi-platform, so you can use it not only on Windows but also on Mac OS and Linux.

      • The first thing you need to do is send a text file with all the titles you want to add to the video.
      • Now you have to go to the menu bar and choose the option that says " filters ".
      • Then you will need to go to " Subtitles "and then click" Subtitles ".
      • Then you need to click on " Add " so that the subtitle you configured earlier is added.
      • To finish, simply save all the changes and you're done.

      As you can see with Filmora and Avidemux it's quite easy to add a text or title to any video. After that you can share it wherever you want without problems.

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