How to alphabetically sort first and last names in a document in Excel

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Word processors have made life easier for many when they do writes a document or create a list. Whatever processor or program you use, they all have useful features and tools.

In most cases it is really boring to have to order manually lists of products, people and anything else. Even more so when you have a handwritten draft, which you need to transcribe and which you need to revise over and over to maintain the alphabetical order of your work. However, those days are over, as today you can even easily sort data in a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel

Technological advances are excellent allies in this type of situation. Many lists or tables are created in programs such as Microsoft Word .

But there is another program very easy to use and a great help to organize differently and in different ways what you are translating into a spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel.

In this sense, although Word is ideal for this type of activity, the use of Excel can be the same or more practical, offering a series of tools that offer facilitations in carrying out jobs that involve testi and numbers .

Whether you are using Windows or macOS computer, using this tool is extremely simple to use and easy to access . However, not all of its tools are well known.

How to set up an order in Excel

As noted above, this is a little known option despite being right under everyone's nose. The option to sort a list in alphabetical order can be found in the toolbar displayed in the « Home ". In the section " Modification "of the main toolbar, you will find several options such as:

  • Sum.
  • To fill.
  • Remove.
  • Search and select.
  • Sort and filter.
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Explore the options

It is this option Order e filter which will allow you to organize your list quickly and efficiently. Before inserting it, it is important to select the cell of the column you want to sort.

At this point you have to be very careful , as any wrong cells you have selected, if you take this action, they will sort them anyway. Likewise, this shouldn't necessarily be bad news, since you can always count on the cancel option, located at the top left of the screen.

By clicking on the option, a window with several will appear on the screen organization tools, or. You can explore them to find out which one suits your needs:

  • Alphabetical order : from A to Z or from Z to A, whatever the order in which you want to sort the text contained in the cells of your Excel document. This option is the one that mostly appears when you click on the order section.

It is important to note that, for this option, the cells must contain only text, if they are combined with numbers, it will surely throw an error.

  • Numerical order : You can also set a numerical order from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. To do this, select the cells that contain the numbers to sort, which they will do, by going to the Sort and Filter option, they will offer you the corresponding alternatives.
  • Chronological order : the same procedure is followed when sorting cells by time or date. In this type of case, you need to be very careful that the cells are in date or time format.

For this, select the cells, right click, cell format and a window will open where you will find these options. This is important since, if they are in text format, the program will generate errors .

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Excel isn't limited to just these types of options. Within its extensive menu, offers other tools for establishing order within the document you could develop, such as filtering tabular data by font color, cell, or icon set. Such as the option to be able to sort cells by distinguishing upper and lower case letters, cell color, ranges, among many other alternatives.

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