How to apply and request my Elektra credit - Procedures and requirements

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Many people today, due to lack of liquidity, for low income or for unexpected moments, they decide to ask for credit to give them a quick solution to the eventuality of the moment, perhaps it is to cancel the debt of a public service, in order to be able to buy a product, a device, a piece of equipment, a medicine.

How to apply and request my Elektra credit - Procedures and requirements

Other people may say that they are taking credit because they did not have the money at the time or their income is low compared to their daily expenses.

But where does Elektra's credit come from? Do you know what a credit is? A credit is nothing more than an option for lend money that is done to a banking institution, or business house with the obligation that said money be paid in installments or in full, paying interest in the percentage agreed with the institution, house or bank at which scheduled time.

You can find different types of credit such as: consumer loans; they are those that the bank grants you as a customer to pay for a service, obtain an asset, so that you can cancel them in a short time; trade credits, this is offered to companies regardless of their purpose or size, to offset the capital of the same or settle debts contracted with third parties to cancel in the medium or short term.

There are also mortgage loans, to be able to buy land or land ready to be occupied by your company or organization in the long or medium term.

Currently you can get these types of credits or others not only in banks but also in prestigious commercial or lending houses recognized for their commitment and seriousness, among these there is Elektra.

      What is Electra?

      It is a non-bank commercial and financial credit or loan organization based in the United States United States , which exercises great leadership throughout Latin America, focusing on the commercial and financial field, offering services and products all over the world, with ethics, professionalism and transparency.

      Especially in the commercial area, they offer you household appliances, telephones, motorcycles, household appliances, furniture, computer equipment, transfers, life and prevention insurance, financing, investment.

      Its head office is in the United States, and its subsidiaries in Mexico, Central and South America, of which are located in Panama, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

      From Elektra they offer you payment credits for some home appliance products based on the monthly offer in one monthly payment installment with discounts ranging from 10% to 20% off when you make a purchase or loan. Mostly these credits can be done in Mexico City in alliance with Azteca Bank.

      How can you apply for and apply for your Elektra credit and what are the procedures and requirements?

      If you want to make a credit or buy at Elektra stores, I will show you below the following requirements that you must meet to request and order.

      Requirement 1

      • Be aged between 21 and 70 years. Credits are not granted to minors.

      Requirement 2

      • Have a personal identification with a photo. It can be the identity card, the residence card, the original and the copy of these documents.

      Requirement 3

      • Verbal or proof proving your place of residence or address, preferably, as you are required to receive a receipt for payment for any of the public services you use. Original and copy.

      Requirement 4

      • Receipt of payment or proof of your employment or employment or your income can be monthly, biweekly or weekly.

      Requirement 5

      • You don't need to have a credit history from a bank or other trading house, but if you have one you can get more benefits because your credit may be in a larger amount.

      Requirement 6

      • You must fill out the form or form where you are shown the payment terms and interest to be paid based on the credit you are requesting. Having all the requirements ready, you can go to any branch or apply online.
      • Fulfilling all these requirements you just have to wait for your credit . Be punctual with your payments and you will enjoy other bigger credits.
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