How to apply background blur or Bokéh effect to images with Corel Photo Paint

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Or because you want to improve the quality of the images you take and edit on your computer. Or you just want to improve the photo posted on your social networks, apply the Bokéh blur effect it's possible with Corel Photo Paint.

In case you don't know, the program also has Gaussian blur effect and option to create and apply motion blur effect.

How to apply background blur or Bokéh effect to images with Corel Photo Paint

Although it is a term known only in the photography world. If you're just starting out in the publishing world, you may know that it is a very useful tool .

Using this tool you will be able to increase the quality of the image and the blur created through the program options to get a better result.

If you're a Corel Photo Paint user and want to better understand its features to optimize your usage, read on to find out how to use the Bokéh effect.

      Learn how to apply the Bokéh blur effect! Step by step

      With this tool what you want to create in the image is to specify a space or an object fully detailed . While the background shows a total blur accompanied by lights that increase the effect.

      In the case of Corel Photo Paint, it is not necessary to use a chase to achieve this change. Well, among its settings it offers the direct option to this modification.

      You will be allowed select the amount of blur you want to apply outside the selected area or object, as well as the transition between both appearances.

      Among the recommendations given in this article is that the Bokéh is best viewed in those images that are of dark backgrounds accompanied by lights .

      Corel Photo Paint has multiple effects that will allow you to edit and create amazing photographs, other effects that might attract your attention are double exposure effect, wet paint effect.

      Steps to apply the Bokéh effect

      Once the content is open within the program, you need to start by selecting the area you want to keep the focus on.

      In the vertical menu displayed on the left of the screen you will find the selection options under " Brush mask tools " that encloses the object.

      You will be able to modify the size, the degree of selection and in turn a series of modifications that you can add once you have chosen the area of ​​focus.

      Once this is done, access the tab " Effects " , click on "Blur" and click on the option " Blur bokeh ".

      A window will appear on the screen with the options available within the blur effect. Among which " Blur amount "," Shape of the opening "," Focus area " and the selection " Invert mask ".

      You will be able to appreciate every change you make using the " Preview ” and when you're done you just have to press “ Accept ” and deselect the item.

      Why should you create Bokéh effect in your photos?

      Although we have already clearly talked about the essence of applying the Bokéh blur effect on the images you edit. You have to remember that the function of this tool is to increase quality of the parts that will be blurred.

      Try to increase the aesthetics and focus the person's interest so that the detailed area or object plays a greater role.

      Another positive aspect that makes it a widely used tool, even in video recordings, is that it increases the professionalism of portrait images.

      That content that has this effect will be recognized to have unique characteristics such as have no chromatic aberration which decrease the quality of the lens.

      Another aspect is the gradual blur that is felt between the area in focus and the transition reaching the bottom, usually done smoothly.

      Finally, many images that integrate this effect have light points evenly distributed throughout the image, with a soft and smooth blur.

      Corel Photo Paint lets you create all of these using its Bokéh Effect tool, so your content will always look professional.

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