How to apply for a Coppel credit and what requirements do I need to opt for it

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coppel is one of the largest commercial department store chains, characterized by granting its customers options and benefits for obtaining Credit Coppel. One of the advantages of these credits is that there are few requirements for Coppel to grant them to you.

How to apply for a Coppel credit and what requirements do I need to opt for it

If you add to this the variety of products they offer to their customers and their ease of payment, get one of the best deals you can get. In fact, this company has a system that resembles a bank, as it gives you the option of having cards.

      What is a Coppel card and what services does it offer?

      One such card is Bancoppel, which is basically a multiple banking institution offering to its customers financial services . It offers its customers products such as clothing and furniture for shops to serve them comprehensively and they can easily access the products.

      However, it is not the only card that Coppel offers you, as it has at least three types according to the needs of its users. We will mention what they are:

      The first is the Departmental card Coppel. With this card you can request credits and you can also use it in any Coppel shop in the country.

      The second is the BanCoppel debit card . It is basically a savings account where you can save money from your home currency and that too without fees. This allows you to shop not only inside but also outside of Coppel. It also allows you to have two different accounts, the Youth Cash Account and the Checking Cash Account.

      The third is the BanCoppel Visa credit card . We can concretely say that it is a credit card with all rights and since it is supported by Visa you can use it in all its affiliated activities.

      Of course, there are also two other cards, the BanCoppel Gold Credit Card e la BanCoppel Platinum Card, available by invitation only.

      Now that you know a little more about Coppel cards, you are likely to ask yourself, how much credit can you apply for? And how can you apply for a Coppel credit? o Why is it important to have a Coppel card? In this article we will show you how you can do this so that you can enjoy buying what you need.

      How to apply for a Coppel credit and how much credit do they offer you?

      In order for Coppel to give you a specific starting amount, this must first be determined by the shop, which in turn is based on the information you have provided.

      Instead, you can request a Coppel credit with your cards. Or, if the card you will be using is the BanCoppel Visa credit card, please note that BanCoppel has some limits credit based on the following factors:

        All of this shows that the credit amount it is not always the same for every person, but is limited to the information mentioned above.

        Applying for a loan is quite simple, just enter the official Coppel platform to apply for a loan. When the page opens, a small form will appear on the screen which you will need to fill in with your personal, work and reference data.

        After completing this short form and sending your request, Coppel staff will go to your home to verify some of the information you have provided. They should go within 3 working days.

        To apply for this credit, the following requirements must be met. You must be over 18, have a valid ID and have a photograph, your military ID.

        As well as having proof of address, your electoral credential (INE), a receipt for some service at your home, a Coppel debit account, as that is where the credit you requested will be deposited. And sign the contract issued by Coppel. We hope you found the article useful and that you have no problems applying for your credit if you meet the requirements.

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