How to apply for a JC Penney credit card online and requirements

In April 1902, McManus and James Cash Penney they founded a series of shops ; particularly in the United States, in Texas. The business has expanded to 49 states across the country and currently allows you to apply for a JC Penney credit card online.

The company is called JC Penney Company, Inc. Originally the stores were located in the central areas; But over time the company has realized that in shopping malls there was a good opportunity ; moving their stores gradually.

In 1959 began to use the first credit cards of the store, which can be used to purchase items within them and online; participating in the latter, since 1998.

It also expanded to Puerto Rico, reaching 840 locations by April 2020; However, due to the pandemic we are experiencing, it was forced to close and sell part for bankruptcy ; specifically 154 out of 20 states.

Do I need a subscription to get a JC Penney credit card?

The advantage of these cards is that they are easy to obtain ; Unlike the documents required to apply for a Chase Bank credit card or any other bank. Nor is it necessary to request a credit card limit increase; since they are not dependent on banks.

The JC Penney Credit Card is acquired by purchasing it, in-store or online, and it is not necessary to be an affiliate with other credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard; it works the same way as all of them.

Product purchases can only be made in JC Penney stores, including its own Sephora, and on the web; You have the advantage of getting offers or discounts for the owner only , as well as accumulating points on your purchases.

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What are the benefits and advantages of the JCPenney credit card?

The entrance hook is that when you make your first purchase, they give you 15% discount right now ; But there are shops that offer you another type of discount, such as 5%, especially on not so small appliances.

With every purchase you start earning points ; 1 point for every $, regardless of the item or service you have contracted and when you reach 1000 points in the month, it can be exchanged for a ten dollar card. The maximum is XNUMX points per month.

Depending on how much you spend in a day, you may qualify for a gold or platinum card , depending on whether you spend $ 500 or $ 1000; which also generate points, just like the basic one, plus other discounts and benefits.

Also homeowners can opt for special loans for the purchase of items that have a high cost value, such as jewelry, furniture, appliances, among others.

How to apply for a JC Penney credit card online and the requirements?

Today many companies have their own cards . For example, you can apply for a Walmart credit card online, or you can also get a Macy's credit card. So surely JC Penney would not have been the exception.

To apply for a credit card online, the first thing to do is go to the official JC Penney page, then at the bottom of that page click on "Credit card" .

Then towards the top left hand side, we click on "Request now" and from there we begin to fill in all personal data requested, the request, such as name and surname, address; It also includes social security, driver's license, income and bank information.

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Then click on "Submit" , now you must wait for the approval response or not of the same, in a period between seven and ten days, in which, you will receive the card in the mail, or a notification that it has been denied.

We can therefore conclude that the JC Penney credit card offers attractive benefits and remunerations every time you make a purchase; also including additional loans if needed .

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