How to apply shape and color transformation effects to an image with Corel Photo Paint

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Applying effects to an image is an option that will always grab the attention of anyone who sees it in any editor, which is why Corel Photo Paint it's not far behind with color and silhouette transformations.

These effects have several options that you can play around with get spectacular photos with just a few clicks.

How to apply shape and color transformation effects to an image with Corel Photo Paint

      How to use color and silhouette transformation effects?

      Like all effects offered by this prestigious Adobe program, these will be in the effects tab , where each one will have a section with its different options.

      color transformation

      This option has four attached effects that you can apply and adjust to your liking, doing it in layers or directly on the image.

      The first of these is " Bit plane " which allows you to see the tones of the images in a more uniform way, bringing them to the RGB scale, you can change the color values ​​individually or together.

      Then we have " Halftone " this is basically in charge of show tones and transitions between them, you can change the colors individually and determine whether the transitions will be more pronounced or not.

      It also has the effect " Psychedelic " which is responsible for applying colors in vivid shades to the image, such as orange, cyan, red, green, magenta, among others.

      Finally, it offers the effect “ Solarize ”, this will invert the colors of the image, you can change the level, giving more or less brightness to the colors.

      There is also another simpler tool that allows you to change the color of your image or make it black and white.


      These effects will be responsible of highlighting the edges of objects contained in the image or area that has been selected.

      In this case, you allows you to use three different effects , each modifiable and applicable according to each situation that justifies it, we will explain them to you right away.

      The first will be the effect of " Detect edges ", this effect is responsible for detecting the edges of objects in the image and superimposing them in a color, which can be white, black or whatever you want.

      Then it offers the option of " Search edges " which will take care of detecting the edges and giving them a solid or smooth appearance, with which it allows you to create quite beautiful images, especially black and white ones.

      The last available effect is the " Trace silhouette " Depending on the colors in the image, this effect creates color borders, using a 16-color palette if the image is in color.

      These effects in general can be used for layers or in specific areas, thus allowing you to give interesting touches to your photos or images.


      To use these effects it is good that you have in mind what you want to create with them, so you can have a imaginary guide what you should do.

      Also, if you want to use the option Color transformation , it would be helpful to use a photo or image with defined tones, so it will be easier to capture the colors you want to highlight.

      We also recommend using the Silhouette option, to use images with good contrast. This will help sharpen the edges and make your effects more visible.

      Today photo editing has become an obsession. This is related to the fact that you can create many things with a single photo.

      Therefore, if you want to venture into this world, we advise you to always try all the tools and options. So when you do it as a job or hobby you can make the most of your skills.

      Finally, we hope this tutorial on Color Transform and Silhouette effects will help you create great images and photos for your work or social media.

      Other functions that you can find in Corel Photo Paint that make it easier for you to work on the image you are creating is adding or removing shadows from objects. If you want to have fun with your creations, do not hesitate to try creating a GIF with objects and shadows .

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