How to auto insert YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins?

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WordPress is an incredible platform, with tons of features that allow its users to expand beyond the limits they knew in other blogs (it even allows them to do things like insert an Excel spreadsheet, which is very rare). That's why today you will learn how automatically insert YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins.

And is that in the technologically advanced world we have today, there are many ways to present the content we want on different platforms at the same time, like adding buttons to share on social networks in a blog. YouTube e WordPress DON'T are far behind in this matter, so using them together is very simple.

    Automatically embed YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins

    There are many ways to insert videos into WordPress from YouTube, one of the most used for customization and to enjoy the functions it offers is through plugins.

    And if we're going to talk about these, we have to to name the best of all: YouTubeEmbed . To be able to use this plugin, you first need to activate it on the page, then you need to go to WordPress.

    When you are there, go to the " Plugin "on the desktop, a drop - down menu will appear with the option "Add new "press it. A window will open where you can search for the plug-in you need by simply entering its name, once located, click on the button "Install now ", then activate it and that's it. With that, you will have installed the YouTubeEmbed plugin, now you just have to choose the functions you want it to fulfill.

    Now to be able to automatically insert YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins , the plugin brings a quick and easy-to-use insert button, which allows you to embed the video in both the visual and text mode of your WordPress page editor.

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    That is, you can paste the codes into the editor in such a simple way that it is almost automatic (this will allow the video of be in your favorite part of your blog).

    General features of the plugin

    This plugin not only allows you to automatically insert YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins, but it also gives you many customization options like:

    Social media buttons to encourage people to share the video, video thumbnails, color changes and sliders for each video.

    Also the function of being able to embed galleries that load automatically when a visitor enters your web page. Visual control to adjust the size and color of the videos embedded in the page.

    Shortcut options for placing videos in widgets and posts (this adds great flexibility when embedding). And finally, it includes the option to add live broadcasts to play from WordPress itself. This plugin has a paid and a free version, both of which offer a great experience with a friendly interface in every way.

    As a recommendation, it's good to try the free version first which, while it limits some customization features, is good for most newbies. But if you're already on another level, you can pay the $ 20 it costs to get the plug-in for life.

    Other plugin options

    Although YouTubeEmbed provides everything you need for automatically insert YouTube videos into WordPress con i plug-in , we must mention some others that also serve for this task which would be:

    Wp Youtube lyte, whose main feature is the lazy load that allows the videos to load correctly and not slow down the page. Galleria video-Galleria YouTube , this can create an unlimited number of galleries, so it's also an option to consider.

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    And since there are many more, yes it is about looking for the characteristics of each one, download them and try to embed videos with them. When you are done and this topic is already familiar to you, then look for the best plugins to edit and layout pages, and which are the best SEO positioning plugins, so that you can make the most of your page.

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