How to automatically generate hashtags for Instagram on Android?

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How to automatically generate a hashtag for Instagram on Android is one of the questions that worries a large number of users of the application. This tutorial explains how to do it quickly and easily. No more wasted hours typing each hashtag individually.

Instagram has become the social network par excellence for making yourself known, reaching a large number of people and strengthening a personal brand. One of the most useful tools of the application are hashtags, thanks to this it is possible increase the reach of publications and the account in general.

Although they are a very useful tool, it gets tedious having to write them individually. Especially if you are a fan of this network or use it as a medium for work, as you post much more frequently.

From creating an Instagram business profile to simply using Instagram links correctly and strategically, everything is practically achievable with this tool.

But at the point, the developers are aware of this problem and have created apps that automatically generate hashtags for Instagram on Android as a way to make your life easier. Read on to find out what they are.

      Applications to automatically generate hashtags for Instagram on Android

      Applications are created, on many occasions, to facilitate many of the small daily activities. And these are no exception. For example, even with them it is possible to know who has unfollowed me on Instagram , just to name one of the many scenarios.

      Automatic hash

      This is a free app found on the play store. Its basic function is to automatically generate hashtags for Instagram on Android.

      Using it is as simple as uploading an image to the app. It will begin to identify the items found in the photo.

      Once identified, it will start generating hashtags related to the image. At the bottom of the application you will find buttons with functions such as:

      • Count the number of tag generated
      • set favorite tag
      • Upload the image to the application platform
      • Automatically copy all hashtag
      • Share directly on Instagram


      Another free app that you get on the Play Store. Unlike the previous one, here you just need to enter a keyword in the application's search bar for it to start looking for related tags.

      The results it returns will be sorted by their popularity. You can also set the app to show you up to 30 hashtags.

      Once you have the result of your search, you just have to select the tags you want to use in your publication. Then select the button " Copy " and these will automatically be saved to the clipboard.

      All you have to do now is upload your image to Instagram and in the comment press " Paste ". The hashtags you chose will be pasted there.

      An advantage of this application is that it allows you to save the most used hashtags in the favorites section. This way you can save yourself the search procedure for other opportunities.

      This Instagram hashtag auto-generator app for Android doesn't work by searching for keywords or detecting objects in a photo. Toptags focuses on not searching for repetitive or irrelevant hashtags. To use it you need to follow the instructions:

        For example, if you want to upload a photo of your kitten, select the category " Pets " and then the subcategory " Cats " . There you will choose hashtags related to this subcategory.

        To finish, you should know that all these applications are free and you get them in the Play Store. However, they have ads on them platform, but that's nothing to worry about. If you like the app and the ads bother you too much, you can always upgrade to the paid version to get rid of them.

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