How to automatically rotate the screen orientation of my mobile

Today's mobile devices have a large number of fully functional tools, specifications, options and services while performing any type of business or task.

All of these are implemented in order to meet the needs and requests of their respective users, seeking the highest quality, comfort and adaptation to modern times that can be provided.

But that said, it's important to remember that smartphones do have evolved over the years , demonstrating completely new and innovative facets and changes season after season. In the beginning our terminals had much smaller screens and our method of use was generally common keyboards, this has been forgotten, giving way to new features.

Curiously, during this growing, radical and renewed change of ideas in the world of technology, only 2 operating systems have managed to remain constant throughout this time. This is the case with iOS and Android systems.

These platforms have managed to move exponentially within the market to the point that today, at some point, they control global telephony.

These systems have launched mobile devices of incredible quality and specifications on the market, these terminals year after year they manage to outdo themselves. Enter this way. As we said before, to adapt to modern times, as well as the demands and needs that users of both operating systems require.

On the Android side, we can appreciate several brands developed under this popular system, each of them with completely useful and interesting features, options and tools and in a sense, this is one of the great attractions and strengths that this company has .famous platform to offer to its users.

Subsequently we will talk a little about the tools that we can appreciate in a mobile device with Android system. Without further ado, stay with us and find out all the details, data and information about these useful features.

    What tools can we find on our Android mobile device?

    As is known, the vast majority of brands with Android operating system own relatively unique qualities . But on the other hand, all these phones have a good amount of adapted functions, which we will find in all smartphones that have this system.

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    Inside them we can find absolutely essential apps and tools for the proper functioning of our terminal and for any type of activity we want to carry out during the day. There we can find the calculator app, notepad, calendar, FM radio, compass, contact list and more.

    On the part of tools that complement the operation of the phone, we can detail some functions such as Bluetooth, GPS, airplane mode, flashlight, automatic screen rotation and many others.

    Automatic screen rotation.

    This is a very useful function in case we wish to perform any activity horizontally from our mobile device. It is quite effective when you want to type on the keyboard, if you want to watch a movie or if you want to play a video game.

    Normally, on Android devices you can find it in the notification bar or from the "screen" pane in the phone settings.

    To carry out this type of action we will not have any kind of problem. We will just have to perform the following steps to achieve our mission. Our first option to activate automatic screen orientation will be to slide the notification bar down, from which we will appreciate a good handful of features.

    Once there we will find the "Auto Rotate" button , we will press it and it will be all. We can also opt for a second option.

    To access it, we will have to go to the settings section and then click on the screen section. Once this is done, here we will find the automatic rotation box, which we will activate and that's it.

    In case none of these options work for you, you can download l' Whatsapp "Screen Rotation Control" from the Play Store or from an alternative or third-party store. This aims to force screen rotation no matter what app you are in.

    The screen rotation function is something that currently all devices have within their system by default. Regardless of whether your phone has an Android or iOS operating system, you will still be able to activate this feature.

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    Most devices in turn also have the ability to automatically rotate the screen within the notification panel. Therefore it will not be a problem to activate this function on any mobile device.

    It often happens that sometimes your device tends to rotate the screen independently even if you have not rotated it yourself, in these cases the first thing to do is to check if it happens only with certain applications or if it happens with all.

    If this problem only occurs with some applications, it must be a problem with the application itself. Therefore, it is better to delete the application itself or simply turn off the auto-rotate feature on your device.

    In case the problem occurs when opening any application, you can choose to simply restart the system, to do this, press and hold the power button until new options appear.

    Next, choose the option to reboot or just turn off and on the device again. If the problem persists, take it to an authorized technician so they can check the hardware of the device.

    Although there is also another method that can help with the screen rotation problem and uses external applications focused on the rotation function of the device.

    The Rotation Key application will allow you to have the screen rotation function in the system and also has a Widget that you can add at startup, although it should be noted that Rotation Key is a dependent tool and application. In other words, it cannot work on its own , but to start using it we will have to download an application called " Rotation, manager orientation ". Which you can also get on the Play Store platform for free.

    Another of the most used applications to manage the screen rotation function on your device is Ultimate Rotation Control, when you install it you will have several options to change the screen rotation, including force screen rotation automatically .

    And in turn you can also add an application widget to the start menu. You can download this application for free from the official Google Play Store.

    Finally we find this application, which offers the function of automatic rotation and automatically adds it to the system , so that it can appear in the notification bar.

    What is striking about this application is that it not only allows automatic rotation in a general way. But we can also choose the applications that will have this feature enabled. The only detail is that this application is paid in the Play Store.

    That your mobile device does not rotate the screen even if the auto-rotate function is activated, is a problem that it can be caused by various factors , one of which is due to the G-sensor calibration.This sensor is the one that takes care of rotating the screen after feeling a certain force on a specific area of ​​the device causes the screen to rotate.

    To solve this problem, you will need to access the configuration of your device and go to the screen section. Inside you will find an option called calibrate the G sensor, press on it to calibrate it; Place it on a flat surface so it can calibrate properly.

    In case you have done this and the problem persists, it could be that there is another reason, below we will show you some of the possible factors that cause the screen rotation to malfunction:

    Airplane mode can be another factor that sometimes causes problems with your device's screen rotating, so we recommend that you turn it off and check if the problem persists.

    If you keep having problems with your device's screen rotation , it is best to have it checked by a specialized technician. As it could also be that the root of the problem lies in the hardware of the mobile device.

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