How to avoid and protect my browser from clickjacking attacks

The Internet is a double-edged sword. It can be a great tool, but if we don't use it properly, we can harm ourselves. This time we want to focus on this last aspect and comment on a type of attack widely used by malicious people. We will teach you later how to avoid and protect your browser from Clickjacking attacks .

      What are clickjacking attacks?

      Clickjacking is also known as clickjacking, iframe overlay or UI compensation attack. We can define Clickjacking attack as the malicious technique that cybercriminals implement to convince their victims to click a link, URL or button that seems harmless and safe; but the reality is that it is malicious code.

      When users click on such harmless looking links or buttons, they open the door of their computers for hackers to steal personal information, install malware or even take over their computers. Some even do it to steal likes on social networks.

      Clickjacking works as follows: the hacker creates a fake website or uses vulnerable pages; for embed a transparent inframe under a legitimate link, button or page. Then, when the user clicks on that element that looks safe, the iframe embedded by the hacker runs on the computer and opens the gates to all sensitive information.

      For example, if you enter a web page and see a post that says: if you click here you will earn a lot of money, the attacker aligns a hidden button with the real button. When you click that button, you will click the invisible button, then the hacker will start acting on your device.

      Cybercriminals can also use social networks to add malicious code to their most popular buttons, such as the "Like" buttons on Facebook and Instagram. While this attack may seem harmless, it can also be used for more lethal purposes like taking full control of your team.

      This type of attack is difficult to detect because the hacker is responsible for mask your own malicious code as a legitimate part of a website; It also takes advantage of curiosity, human weakness and the desire to get free stuff by cheating.

      How to avoid and protect my browser from Clickjacking attacks

        Avoid falling victim to the unscrupulous people that abound on the Internet by taking the necessary measures to protect your browser and your electronic device. Never think that you will not fall victim to these cyber criminals, always be cautious and use your judgment when using the internet.

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