How to Avoid Installing Malicious Android Apps from Play Store?

The Play Store is a Google Virtual store where you can download any number of applications to your Android devices. But, among so many applications, how to discern which is good and which is not? This tutorial explains how avoid installation of harmful Android apps from Play Store.

Apps are a wonderful invention to help you with small daily tasks, make your life easier and have fun. Always remember to update Google Play Services even if they cannot be installed.

How to Avoid Installing Malicious Android Apps from Play Store?

However, there are malicious people who create fraudulent applications that can damage your mobile phone or even endanger your security and privacy.

They are applications that at first glance seem very useful and even necessary, but if you dig a little deeper you will see that they are not quite what they seem. When you already know how to detect it, you will realize how blatant the deception is.

      Tricks to Avoid Installing Malicious Android Apps from Play Store

      To avoid installing harmful android apps from Play Store , you just need to know where to look to avoid being tricked. Here are some tricks so it doesn't happen to you and you tell your friends.

      Note that it's not a similar process to allowing or blocking a program in the Windows 10 firewall, much less running antivirus software on my PC, as they are obviously different ways to block malware.

      Do you ask for many permissions?

      To find out what permissions and access the application requests, press “ more information ” in the application description. In the window that opens, scroll down and select " View more app permissions".

      For example, if a photo application asks for permission to access contacts or messages, you start to doubt

      What's your reputation?

      It is very important, before downloading an application, to review the comments and ratings that other users give it, to avoid having the same bad experience as others.

      If you see that the app has a very low rating and a lot of bad comments, the advice is not to download it . It may not be a fraudulent application but in the same way you avoid downloading an app that is not really worth it.

      By examining the experiences of other users, you can also confirm that the application is not loaded with ads, which can indicate that it is fraudulent.

      Who are the developers?

      Another way to avoid installing harmful android apps from play store is to look at who the developers are.

      There are many new developers who, because they are just starting out in the industry, are not that well known. This may not be decisive to know if an application is malicious or not.

      However, start to doubt if you notice that the application is very similar to another that already exists, that the logo has the same colors and if it offers the same functions.

      In this case, always download what you already know. If you're not too sure who the developers are, you can always do a google search and check where they come from.

      Apps and developers to avoid

      Thanks to users and the speed with which they spread the word, there are already many known applications that are malicious in the background. They steal data and information, spy on your movements or have viruses and adware.

      Some malicious apps:

      • Browser UC: contains viruses and adware that damage the functionality of your mobile phone
      • ES File Explorer: Sending data to China was discovered.
      • Dolphin Browser: they spied and recorded your movements.
      • Free VPNs that they steal data to users.
      • Very showy keyboards but of dubious origin.
      • All apps created by Cheetah Mobile

      Like these there may be many more. To avoid installing Android app harmful from the Play Store, you should educate yourself, read the small print carefully before downloading, and review the experiences of other users.

      Play protect

      It is a Google tool created to secure your Android devices and avoid installing harmful Android apps from Play Store. Among its functions are:

      • Analyze the security of the application in the Google Play Store before downloading it .
      • Notifies you of any app potentially harmful and any app that violates Google's rules and uninstall it from your computer

      To activate Google Play Protect you just have to go to the Play Store and enter the menu. Once there, go to the section that says "Play Protect" . There you can activate or deactivate this function.

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