How to backup and recover messages on Whatsapp - Backup Whatsapp (example) - See how it's done

Do you change mobile? you have ? Surely you are thinking and my conversation history how I saved it from not getting lost after any update or mobile change, remember that WhatsApp acts by validation with the mobile number and not on the device.

How to Backup and Recover Messages on WhatsApp - WhatsApp Backup

That's why when migrating a WhatsApp from one mobile device to another we don't necessarily have to lose everything, we'll tell you how to create a backup and recover whatsapp messages in efficiently and quickly without dying trying, reminding you that when you change your mobile it is also important transfer your contacts from one mobile to another , and then have both full WhatsApp chats and your contacts added to your new device.

      How to make a backup on WhatsApp?

      In principle we must be sure that if what we are doing is a change of mobile, we must synchronize contacts with our Google Gmail and in this way we will not lose contacts in the middle of our migration, because WhatsApp resynchronizes the contacts from the Gmail account connected to our mobile device. It is very important to migrate and upload everything to the Google cloud in order not to lose this data, which is difficult to recover later.

      I clarify the previous point I can explain to you how to make a backup copy in whatsapp , we will go to our application and when we open it in the lower right corner of the screen we will observe 3 vertical dots, on these points we will press and we will find a menu displayed in the same corner where there are menu options. Among them will be the "Settings" option and there you will be able to access all the WhatsApp settings.

      We check the "Chat" option and a tab will open that contains the settings to change ours chat on WhatsApp , the first you will find the backup, it is important that this backup is done just before migrating the application to the new mobile, because if they do the backup and then they leave 1 or 2 days to do the migration.

      The conversations you had for 1 or 2 days after the backup they will not be saved and you will lose those new histories, pay attention to this point as it is very important to save as much data as possible from your chat histories.

      Once this backup is active, have clicked where the "Save" option shows us within the backup menu and is ready, they can proceed to WhatsApp migration to another mobile device , you can also do it from an Android device to an iPhone device or vice versa.

      Can I schedule an automatic backup in WhatsApp?

      Of course you can, you have to log in to the settings menu in WhatsApp , from there where it says "Chats" and here inside there will be the "Settings in Google Drive" option where it will ask you to choose the most comfortable option to save your WhatsApp histories in the Google cloud. You can select from the options "monthly", "weekly", "daily" and also just schedule it to backup only when we click on "Save".

      It gives you the option to save using mobile data only or using a Wi-Fi network, which is the most recommended since you will have less chances of errors in the backup process due to lack of internet connection. And finally, you also agree to tick it if you want to include the videos in the backup, taking into account that the process will take longer and it will take a little longer to do the backup. WhatsApp backup

      They can coordinate a time when the backup is not annoying to use the application, for example: at dawn, a certain time in the morning or at night when they know they will not use the application, since when they backup it is impossible to use. Having everything configured to your liking, you will be able download the backup copy of your WhatsApp from Google Drive on any device where you start your WhatsApp with your phone number, and thus enjoy all your messages and your gallery as if you had never changed your mobile.

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