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In the middle of a conversation you realize that you need to bold text and while there are no tools for that function, don't worry, if you read on you will be able to write bold in Hangouts. We will also provide you various interesting commands and data so that you can hear all the terrain in your conversations.

How to bold in Hangouts

      What Google Hangouts covers

      In addition to establishing group conversations, it also has other tools how to carry out video calls live or video conferencing; You can even coordinate a Hangout and create a Q&A meeting with other people. To do this, you must first add new contacts.

      Hangouts was born to replace the Google Talk app. But what does that phrase mean? Said creolely in English, this word means "to stay". The application is used to organize a place to have fun with friends by creating a meeting in a virtual place with people of common interests. Also venturing into the business world.

      That's why it stands out as instant messaging , makes it easy to share funny emojis with users, add profile photos, and even lets you know when other people have read your messages and if they're replying to you at that moment. Add another cool feature like Google Maps , so you can share your location.

      This multiplatform has several advantages, such as its compatibility on various systems . We mean that it can be run on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explore from version 8 onwards, if we talk about browsers. As for operating systems, it is compatible with:

      • Windows (Xp in poi).
      • Google Chrome.
      • Mac OS X 10.5+.

      Without forgetting that it also works in Android, iOS and on devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone and also incorporating computers with Mac, Linux and Windows systems. It really connects and builds bridges with all types of users.

      The importance of bold texting in text messaging applications

      Bold letters are intended for highlight part of the text establishing a visual mark on your composition. For this reason it is used as titles, subtitles and in the text itself, to highlight keywords. Unlike the italics function, it is not used in relation to semantics.

      So , helps the reader , in this case the users, who participate in a conversation, immediately identify the phrase or word that is considered important to highlight.

      Write bold in Hangouts

      To write bold in Hangouts, it consists of a key combination during written communication, when the function is activated, it formats the text. You must bear in mind that before writing a new message you use the combination to activate it, then enter the word to which you want to apply the change.

      • If you are in the environment Windows , do the following:

      In bold awards Ctrl + b

      Press in italics CTRL+i

      Underlined awards ctrl + u

      • If you work with MAC these are their combinations:

      In bold press ⌘ + b

      In italics press ⌘ + i

      Underlined press ⌘ + u

      In addition to writing bold in Hangouts, here's a extra bonus to make your conversations more lively and fun. Once you've typed in the command, hit send.

      • If you want to see a colorful horse parade in chat, try this command: /ponies e /ponystream.
      • This is another type of parade: with villagers and torches in hand: /pitchforks
      • Pleasure to see a long-extinct friend: / shydino .

      More animated effects with emoticons

      • Yes !!!!!!!!!!!! The more exclamations, the better. This refers to a very very happy face.
      • hahahahahahahaha A beautiful emoticon is reflected in laughter. You can also try replacing the vowels with others and new animations will appear. Always use the same vowel.
      • Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! Only the expression speaks.

      As you can see, it is very easy write bold in Hangouts . This text message has a lot to give us to make communication more enjoyable. If you liked the information, we would like to know your comments and thus motivate us to write more of these interesting topics.

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